There's a bloke in that field with a gun...

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by theinventor, Jul 8, 2010.

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  1. The harvest's started down here, and I was looking forward to going out at the weekend and bagging some pigeon. While this muppet's on the loose though, it might frighten the locals a bit if I go and stand in a field under a cam net with a weapon in my hand.

    What's the view on making sure we don't get mistaken for a nutter with a gun at the moment?
  2. stay home?
  3. If you're in the immediate vicinity of the manhunt I'd suggest not bothering. Otherwise, crack on as normal.
  4. Fang_Farrier

    Fang_Farrier LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    If worried why not inform the local Plod of where you'll be.
  5. Don't send them any letters saying 'Stop shagging my bird' or 'I am going to kill more coppers' and 'no bastard copper's going to take me alive' etc;
  6. That is of course the sensible thing to do. It makes it much easier for them to find you and mow you down in a hail of 9mm and not some innocent Brazillian sparky instead.
  7. As a civvie you want to sit under a cam net in a field in your free time with a rifle? And you're worried about nutters?
  8. I tried that for a while, at their request: once, by the time the message had cone through ten layers of crapwit call centre types, it ended up with a puzzled rozzer phoning me under the impression I wanted to confess to 'badger poaching'. Another twice, the sergeant, looking for something to do with the duty mong, sent it out to check my FAC and it was crashing through the woods looking for me. Another time I was 'stuck up' by armed plod.

    Telling them your going out just draws the attention of the idiots. After I stopped telling them, I've had no more trouble.
  9. Whilst I appreciate your frustration, it this not just giving in again?

    I would keep telling them, and if they keep behaving in this fashion:

    1. Feed the saga with dates & times to BASC to deal with. This is the sort of stuff that needs to be fed back to the Home Office, ACPO and the Press.
    2. Sue for harrassment
    3. All of the above...

    If we keep avoiding the issue, then the more the Plod will keep behaving as if we have no rights to go shooting...
  10. It wasn't really harassment, more epic bungling and ineptitude. I dod get BASC to have a word, but that was over another issue; Firearms Enquiry Officers were going around giving out cards for the 'Police Stalking Club' and 'encouraging' landowners to give their shooting rights over to off-duty coppers, partially on the grounds that they were 'much safer and properly trained.' One farmer tipped me off, and the practice had apparently become fairly widespread.

    I used to respect the police, once.
  11. I did run into two sussex armed coppers who were not impressed that the man with a gun they were hunting was more than likely the local rough shooter who oblivously was shooting rabbits another K away :)
    decided to walk back to wagon circle around and check his licence when he drove back to the main road :)