Therealbigdizzle, revealed in all his glory

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by stabradop, May 12, 2011.

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  1. Sanitised for persec naturally./....

    D**** E****
    Services to the Music Industry from D*** E**** Audio
    Harrow, United Kingdom
    Director at D*** E**** Audio (Self-employed)
    Freelance Producer / Sound Engineer at D*** E**** Audio (Self-employed)
    Director of Light and Sound at Oxford Fashion Week
    Signaller (V) at British Army
    Production: Stage Hand at Montreux Jazz Festival
    see all...
    University of Westminster
    Thames Valley University
    25 connections
    Company Website
    Public Profile
    (Deleted for PERSEC)
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    I provide production services to the live events industry, particularly the music industry; predominantly of a technical nature.

    I am experienced in FoH and Monitor sound, having worked for clients including the Academy Music Group (Oxford Academy), and the Electric Ballroom and toured with bands including My Passion and Anonymous Tip. I have additionally worked as a stagehand for a variety of events including the highly regarded Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland.

    I have also got experience in the stage building industry, having freelanced to Star Events Group during 2010. I have experience on Cuplock and Layher staging, as well as more standard Litedeck and Steeldeck modular decks.

    I freelance to a residential recording studio where I can work as just an engineer - recording or mixing; or as a producer, utilising my musical history as a classically trained pianist and guitarist. I also have experience working with PR and talent management, so can tailor this experience into your project.

    I also work in a partnership building boutique recording equipment, adding our own twists to classic recording designs such as the Neve 1073 and API 512 pre-amps; Pultec equalisers and Universal Audio 1176 limiter.

    I additionally have professional experience in Radio Communications, having spent 4 years as a signaller in the territorial army. I have experience in radio and data communications from both urban and field locations and implemented those skills during a national emergency in 2007.
    Front of House / Monitors;
    Freelance stage builder.
    Recording / Mix Engineer
    Outboard Design & Building
    Contact Settings
    Interested In
    career opportunities
    consulting offers
    new ventures
    job inquiries
    expertise requests
    business deals
    reference requests
    getting back in touch
  2. So he's a sound engineer as well as an internet dullard and all-round bellend.

    Is that important?
  3. Ooooh a reveal, do me next.
  4. Nice, knowing who TRBD was is up there with having my colon blow torched on my 'to do' list...
  5. Best I could do at short notice

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  6. Go for the plasma cutter, its quicker :-D
  7. Must get some of that zoflora disinfectant, the dogs bed is beginning to pong a bit.
  8. Dont bother, I spilt a carton of milk in the rear footwell of my car and tried it to get rid of the smell of rancid milk. The motor still smells a week later.

    Back to the OP . . . . . . . . . oh no lets carry on talking about anti-pong disinfectant or something equally boring but slightly more interesting than the OP. Anyone got any tips on how to get rid of the off milk smell?
  9. What about when they get humped by Arabs, does that improve the donkey's sense of self-esteem through validation of sexual attractiveness, or stir up feelings of worthlessness and desire to self-harm caused by a purely physical rather than emotionally supportive relationship?
  10. Get someone to chuck a rancid curry up on the drivers seat?
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  11. Pour baking soda on the affected area and sprinkle some cold water on top of the baking soda. Let it stand overnight. (Want to know other uses of baking soda? Read 75 extraordinary uses for baking soda)

    75 Extraordinary Uses for Baking Soda | Life Hackery
  12. This is not "sanitised for PERSEC" at all. You may not like the geezer, but if you're going to reveal his identity you could at least not be hypocritical about it.
  13. thinks...

    So fucking what?

    Who cares?

    Do you feel clever now? You dull cunt.
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  14. So you put someones CV on the internet. Well done. Step away from the keyboard and go find a life.
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  15. "Pour baking soda on the affected area and sprinkle some cold water on top of the baking soda. Let it stand overnight. (Want to know other uses of baking soda? Read 75 extraordinary uses for baking soda)

    75 Extraordinary Uses for Baking Soda | Life Hackery.... "

    Will it get rid of the stench of rotting fish that manifests itself from around my Betty Swallox every day, even after I have scrubbed them with a nail brush and vinegar, and dipped the old japs eye in olive oil and rubbed it all around the old ballcladders..... It gets worse in hot sweaty weather......

    Dear Anagony Aunt..... please help!!!