"There were no parades for me when i came home....."

i supose its not really such a big deal here as individual Bn's stage their own parades (over the last few years at least). do the yanks do this?
Does anyone actually enjoy the **** about of a Parade?
Depends on who you are. If you are on parade it is a **** about, for others it is a great chance to bask in the glory of the efforts and sacrafices of others.
Speaking as an old and bold I viewed parades through town as a chance to cut about in rig and **** slack chicks.

But what do I know, hell the bad guys even had to borrow AK47's to shoot at us to make us hip and up to date.
Damn right....go on then...do tell the "facts" then.
Well one fact I’m certain of is that the US Mil can’t be held responsible for Basra’s gradual decline into anarchy under BRITISH control. Which makes your comment (to a yank no less) so cringe worthy.

There is no denying Basra did go from bad to worse whilst under British control. The UK government refused to commit sufficient troop numbers, Brit Mil’s gutless leaders, outdated tactics, poor kit, lack of strategy, flawed op’s, obsolete structures, crap approaches and inability to adapt insured that Basra ultimately turned into an utter shithole run by the baddies. But that’s to be expected when our glorious leaders sat by and either neglected to, or point blank refused, to knock heads with the JAM infiltrating the IP and basically running the city as a militia force. The fact that, instead of doing anything to counter this, we withdrew our troops from the city and fucked off to the airport with our tails between our legs to let everyone else pick up the pieces just adds to the shame really. This really is already common knowledge. Educate yourself.......but our parades are still waaaaaay better than the Yanks.

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