Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by AT55, Sep 7, 2009.

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  1. I have just read a letter to the editor in today's (7 Sept 2009) Times. The letter is from Vice Admiral Sir Nicholas Hill -Norton an ex Deputy Chief of Defence Staff. It is about the amnesia of some retired generals but in it he makes the following statement; "recently there were more Navy than Army in Afghanistan". I am always suspicious of so-called "facts" bandied about but this seems to be good reason. I know that a fair proportion of the Royal Marines have recently been there, but I still find it hard to believe that they outnumbered the army.
  2. I believe it occured when 3 Cdo Bde, plus Naval Strike Wing, plus junglies, plus random assorted posts such as J4 were filled by matelots. At times like this, then yes the Naval Service as a whole was probably dominant, but only for a short period of time.
  3. 3 Cdo bde has a lot of matelos? Shock horror! Like you say, Marines are navy. Theatre was awash with Navy types in staff roles as well.
  4. when we were there Navy strike wing we had loads of navy hanger ons just coming out to see how things work navy style so it probably trebled the numbers of navy people there
  5. Not forgetting "Number 7 ipod surrender party"
  6. OUCH! :lol:
  7. 56% was the figure quoted at a recent brief...there are always naval/RM helo pilots but also RN/RM medics, VMs etc can get jiffed for a non 3 Cdo Bde gig.
  8. During the last 3 Cdo Bde HERRICK Rotation, over 50% of the posts were filled by members of the Naval Service: this includes RM, Naval Strike Wing, a lot of the J1/J4 organisation, the Medical Services were RN-heavy, plus as many of the staff jobs as possible were filled with RN types.

    This was a v deliberate effort by the RN, indeed it almost became our Main Effort, in order to prove our 'relevancy' to the current 'war'. I look forward to 52 Bde joining us for Anti-Submarine Action in the G-I-UK Gap later in the year.....

    *edit for gash spelling
  9. So it appears that Vice Admiral Sir Nicholas Hill -Norton was not telling porkies but I wonder how many of the Time's readers visualised jolly Jack Tars in their sailor suits and ipods in Afghanistan and not the Royal Marines? To misquote someone, "It's the truth Jim but not a we know it"
  10. ...And here lies the problem. The RN struggles with it's PR campaign for precisely the reason you mention above - of course (even with the vast numbers of army prsonnel not just supporting, but filling the "bolt on" units) during a 3 Cdo Bde RM deployment for a HERRICK tour the majority of personnel in theatre are from the Naval Service. However, when the public sees a picture of blokes patrolling in invisible-man suits, which service do you reckon they think those personnel belong to?
  11. Going by PR ability RAF Regiment?
  12. And so the problem is solved by the cunning use of posed photos ;)

  13. No now we have people shoutin "BAR-STEWARD MATLOTS STEALIN SOLDIERS BADLY NEEDED BODY ARMOUR! What do we need a navy for anyway..." :roll:
  14. The problem is that there simply aren't enough ships for RN to sail in so they end up taking the staff gash jobs in a vain attempt to prove their relevancy in today's military climate. Add to this the call for the disbandment of the RAF in favour of the FAA because 'they do most of the sorties in the Stan'!
  15. It takes two Matelots to do the job of one Tommy Atkins.

    SK :D