there were also regions where the bombers flew unnoticed

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Oct 1, 2006.

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  3. Echoes of the Cold War, when a Tu-95 used to pop over the North Sea and the Tornadoes went up, I remember someone telling me the crews used to wave to each other and it worried the Ruskies so much they started putting KGB officers on the planes and that the Tornadoe pilots used to play a trick by moving back and forward so the crew could wave as the KGB guy had to crawl through a narrow tunnel to get to one part of the plane to the other! Tu-95 isn't one of the most quiet planes a belive as well, wasnt it so loud that submarine crews could detect it?
  4. These ops have never really ended - the Russians have continued to send the occasional couple of long-range bombers round Norway and eastwards from Siberia, just to show they still could. These were normally picked up in the papers.

    This is something to bear in mind when knocking the RAF and the fighter/tanker/air defence capability. We really wouldn't like an air-launched cruise missile hitting a UK city if some dispute (future Balkans - Serbia reasserting claim over Kosovo?) turned nasty. Supposedly obsolete technology and tactics can cause nasty surprises and, once you lose a capability, it is impossible to regain it quickly (which is usually when it is needed).
  5. How exactly would today's RAF stop that scenario? The KH 55 ALCM (which can be nuclear tipped) has an open source quoted range of 1800 NM... They can launch the thing in their hundreds from Moscow, and hit anywhere in the UK (it's about 1,600 NM from Moscow to Bristol, as the crow flies...)

    Unless you're suggesting a pre-emptive attack on Russia West of the Urals, our air force is irrelevant to their ability to lob ALCMs at us. Now, scrap the RAF, buy a proper THAAD system, and we could cope with it...
  6. The big difference now is that the Russians will be able to flash back higher quality pornographic pictures at the intercepting fighters. The Centrefold of Playboy's Miss September is no longer going to cut it if we're getting back to this game in a big way.

    I move that the Defence Procurement Agency embarks upon an intensive acquistion programme immediately to keep pace with the Russians in the "Scud" war. I'm sure there are plenty of Arrsers out there who would readily volunteer their services as consultants.
  7. So what ya saying Sergey is Georgei boy has got so involved in his Mid East adventure that he's forgetting his basic Homeland Security and Vald can now send over some of his latest turbo props to penetrat the northern border.
    Next ya'll be telling us his southern border is wide open and anyone can walk over or fly a drug loaded plane in.
  8. I reckon there was a QRA out of Leuchars last week...