There used to be asylums for these loons

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Tricky1982, Jul 16, 2013.

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  1. If here husband just tightened the lesh alil bit and gave her a few hard kidney punches the bitch wouldnt be getting out of hand.
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  2. I can't believe they actually gave her "condition" a name.
  3. Has she not looked in a mirror lately?

    I'd say she's already disabled enough having that grid

    Sent in a harsh font, using finger paints
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  4. Saw a TV prog a while back where an perfectly healthy woman wanted both her legs amputating as she said they didn't feel like they were hers. the surgeon rightly refused.
    She then went out and sat on the railway tracks and let the train do it!
    Way to go bitch, fucking up the train drivers life while being a selfish cunt!
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  5. Some people should just be given the cup of 'cocoa' at bedtime and told to 'sleep well'.
  6. Look at the tits on this one:

  7. The husband is a split as well.

  8. Hmm.. perhaps this silly cow could do the world a service & put her neck on the line, get the job done properly, no expensive first aid/medical care/disability payments just a cheap funeral!
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  9. I'll do the surgery if she wants, but I ain't exactly qualified as a surgeon so, with some luck, I might miss the nerves and slit her throat instead...............
  10. I'll gladly administer a kick in the cunt as she seriously deserves one. Stupid bitch.
  11. I don't wish to be unkind but that's the worst sex change I have ever seen, definitely a cut & shut job. Ian/Jan Hamilton looks more convincing than that!

    There are plenty returning from Afghan sans limbs who would happily swap places with this loony, perhaps she/he/it should be taken to Headley Court for a visit?
  12. My first thought was that it was a shim.
  13. I once sat down to watch a docu about extreme body modification. Expecting to see people with bodysuits of tattoos, and skin pieced like a human pincushion, I was shocked to see people with healthy limbs who wanted them amputated. Because no doctor will amputate healthy flesh, some resorted to sitting on the railway track, and phoning the ambulance as they see the train in the distance.

    She could sign up for a tour of duty, mineclearing in Afghanistan. If it saves one pair of legs for someone who actually wants to end his career with all the bits and pieces he joined up with, that's gotta be a good thing.
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