There must be a way............



#1 turn the "Eurovision Song Contest" into a drinking game. But how?

I ask this, as I will probably be stuck in front of it this weekend. I've never watched it before; which makes planning some sort of booze related game a bit difficult.

If anyone out there has an idea how this "institution" of gash music can be turned into a liver destroying evening, I'm all ears.
Every time you hear the words "Nill pwa" down a shot.
Would any drinking game not involve WATCHING the shite, thereby rendering the 'watcher' open to accusations of gayism, knob-jockeyness and worse still shit taste in music??
Any game that makes you go blind and deaf for the night will help!!!
So a game of BDSM with blindfolds, whips and buttplugs will ensue then.
Blatant bias from judging Countries-Finish your drink
Unintelligible wailing-Down a good slug of something spiritous
Nil points for any song-Down a bottle of spirits
Still alive at the end of the Contest-Self imolate.
drink a shot every time someone gets nil points
Sip/gulp/quaff beer/wine/mead for every point awarded
gouge out your own eyes with a stick coated in burning tar then cut your own head off when the intro starts*

*for being so 'good with colours' as to watch eurovison in the first place.
Get all the tasty crumpet involved to don sexy stuff ie stockings heels etc and forcefeed them champagne til their pissed or passed out. Then insert the bottles up their orifices. Hey presto a drinking game.
Take x4 prozac with any drink of your choice.
Then float around the room for the whole contest.
Thinking your back in the 60's & it's woodstock all over again!!!

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