There is Nothing British about the BNP

Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by nottyash, Oct 21, 2009.

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  1. Just a general question. But before I do I thought I would highlight that I am not, nor have I ever been a member of the BNP, nor do I agree with their policies.

    I noticed tonight (It's the first time I have seen it), that there is a banner exclaiming that "There is Nothing British about the BNP".

    Thought it was a little strange, more so that I have seen it on Arrse.

    Would or are we to see a similar message telling us to vote or not to vote for Labour, Liberal or a Conservative government. I personally don't like the way Labour have performed and I don't like a lot of their policies towards the Armed Forces and their families, but would not expect a similar 'discouraging' advert against Labour.

    No axe to grind, just found it very strange indeed. Can someone shed any light as to why it appears on Arrse of all places.

    Does it have something to do with the recent comments passed by serving and former CDS's?

    The British Army has always liked 'thinking' soldiers. Are we about to be bombarded with other subliminal messages? I like free speech. It is a corner stone of our society, but why has this advert/phrase appeared on this website. Just curious. Anyone else have any thoughts.

    Not sure if I have posted this in the right forum, but was not quite sure where to put it. We all have political views, just found it strange to see one attached 'as a banner' on this website.
  2. I'm not aware of NL, Cons or LD proclaiming to the world that most service personnel support them. The BNP are, which is probably why there is a prominent link to a site making it quite clear that most service personnel do not support them.
  3. Bad CO

    Bad CO LE Admin Reviews Editor Gallery Guru

    We thought long and hard about doing this as we've always tried to remain neutral and act as a means to allow discussion rather than becoming part of the debate ourselves. The suggestion that any political party speaks for the Armed Forces as a whole is ludicrous and needs to be challenged in the most vigorous possible manner. This is particularly true when it is an extremist party ......

    The following quote is probably overstating the case (& quite hackneyed) but I guess that is what they said in 1920s Germany ....

    "All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing"
  4. In the years I served (1960s - 1980s) it was accepted that the army supported the government in power and kept well out of politics. What is happening now? Can we look forward to a military coup if those that assume government are at odds with the General staff? It is a very dangerous game.
    The twelve years of Nu-Labour seems to have addled everyones brain.
  5. I do feel that the banner should be removed
  6. Well I have met BNP supporters and I don't. They are no different to the class war lot.

  7. We have all met members of the BNP I am sure, and I am not in sympathy with their views. Banter in a forum is one thing, posting a banner such as this I think demeans this site.
  8. BNP supporters get short shrift when they post their back-of-the-pub-on-a-Friday-night policies and closet racism in the forums anyway.

    If the site owners want to send a message to the BNP then why not put a link on the front page to an open letter to them, written by the membership and with a poll (I support the BNP, I do not support the BNP, I don't know). That way the site's neutrality is preserved, and I'm willing to bet that you'll still get something to the effect of "they don't speak for us".
  9. B ollocks it does, posting political pictures with reference to the battle of britain defending the nation and images of serving troops by an extremist organisation is demeaning to those that have fallen defending the freedom we enjoy today.

    The banner is an excellent statement to the fact we do not support them and they are not welcome among our ranks.
  10. I don't like a political party saying they represent me when they don't. I like it even less when that party is one of knuckle-dragging racists.
    Can you think of a better way of correcting their lie than a banner on the most popular British forces website?
  11. That seems an eminently sensible suggestion, Bravo_Zulu. I wonder how many of us would go along with that.

  12. Seen and agreed...

    ...but sadly, this is why so many seem now to be driven to the extremes, although I'd take issue with the "good" bit where the New Labour people are concerned.

    The 'mainstream' parties are terrified of the BNP. If you want to see deep unease amongst the Lefties, read the Guardian; they have more articles written by the usual suspects on why they aren't scared of the BNP than you can shake a spade at, and the Telegraph isn't far behind.

    When the populace thinks that politicians and their parties are being mealy-mouthed and frankly unrepresentative of their views they vote for people whose policies are perceived to be Tough on Xxxx, Tough on the Causes of Xxxx. That's why the DUP and Provisional SF are farting in the corridors of Stormont rather than the UUP and SDLP.

    In the case of ARRSE, I'd say that the membership is sufficiently robust as to withstand any form of political lobbying, and furthermore, to shame, ridicule and mock any which isn't up to standard. Pity about the totalitarian obscenity of censorship which the homosexualists insist upon, though.
  13. If they, the BNP, feel that the forces/ex forces support them, let them put someone on here and put their points across and we, the majority, can debate and put our points and we can put their points where they belong, in the bin

    edited for being a mong
  14. Bad CO thank you for your qualified response.

    I understand your reasoning entirely,

    I would highlight however if I may, neutrallity on a multi political site is to my mind key. I commend you for your efforts, but would suggest that the mere sight of such pictoral 'slogans' will always result in this site becoming or being known for a particular part of the debate. That would make it inevitable. That to my mind is inappropriate. In the end you, the site moderators (Whether you like it or not, speak for us all). What next, an advert for anti viversection/testing on animals, hug a tree week, (Tongue in cheek), but you get the picture.

    To quote your comment,

    "The suggestion that any political party speaks for the Armed Forces as a whole is ludicrous and needs to be challenged in the most vigorous possible manner"

    That banner collectively, is the exact opposite (In my opinion) and will be seen (Rightly or wrongly) to define all of those good and true people who visit/participate on this site. But the 'advert' attached to this site will quite wrongly, in my opinion speak for us all. That can never be correct whatever politcal bath you wash in.

    I humbly suggest that in this instance that 'advert' is ill advised and I for one would like to continue to see and champion the impartiallity of Arrse. It is a forthright and forward thinking medium, I would hate to think that 'we' could potentially fall into the hands of partiallity.

    I would also suggest that evil in whatever it's form is capable of corrupting, I might suggest for a myriad of reason that Labour might fall into that category, but would not expect to see a conservative advert when I log in.

    Food for thought thats all. After all it's your ball and you can kick it wherever you want......apparently.


  15. using such a broad brush statement to include all of arrses readership is a bit wrong. what happened to the freedom to say/think and vote how we feel? isnt this restricting our free speech? or putting us into an anti-right wing club?

    we all know there are BNP members in the forces. and although there isnt a majority i dont think arrse should be seen to be taking sides. arent we supposed to embrace everyone? if the bnp are worried about mullah abdulla taking over and we are worried about nick griffen taking over arent we doing the same? excluding people?

    i am not a BNP member.