There is no war on terror

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Random_Task, Jan 24, 2007.

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  1. 'There is no war on terror'
    Guardian Online
  2. -

    Also reported in the Tele.

    Sensible chap, that Ken Macdonald.

  3. A rare change to find a British official from the world of 'officialdom' with a sufficiently independent mind to articulate an opinion that does not slavishly accord with the Government's verbatim and sheep-like repetition of the American 'Neocon' mantra; who has the moral courage to tell us what we already know - that the so called 'war on terror' is nothing more than a declaration of war upon an abstract concept - the equivalent of saying: "Let's bomb murder".

    Perhaps we should have Mr Mr MacDonald stuffed and mounted alongside Jeremy Bentham as a radical non-conformist thinker!
  4. Give the man a peerage
  5. Jeez S'hit! I didn't know George Bush was going to attack Britain next!
  6. Why has it taken him so long to voice his concerns, when the collective members of arrse have been making more or less the same point for the last 4-5years? :frustrated:
  7. A1 Ken

    And I must admit that I expected him to be slagged off on here... so it was a nice surprise to read the follow up.

    Bush created this "war" idea and has so far managed to stay where he is by exacerbating and using the fear that is the terrorists goal... (Terror...ism - inciting fear rather than winning physical objectives). The septics still consider it a "war" in Iraq... so it's hardly surprising that that's what they've got. Let's be British and uphold the values of this great nation... we know the cost, we've done it before... but we mustn't have "war" here.
  8. I think it was said at the beginning that it's not actually possible to go to war against an emotion. In fact, even if it were, having the war feeds the emotion!

    I would venture that it's also been fairly obvious from the start that TWaT was being used as an excuse to introduce draconian legislation. Unfortunately, the group shouting loudest against this has been Liberty who are seen as being terrorist apologists in many quarters for demanding a return to fair trials, no detention without trial, freedom of speech and protest etc.

    How about a war on folly? It's more tangible than an emotion.
  9. With the War on Terror being an abject failure, how about a war on ignorance? I say we target and drop our heaviest books on the following places, and keep the barrage going long term - until they're educated into submission:

    Saudi Arabia
  10. They would have to have big pictures
  11. We could start with pop-up books like Bob the Builder, Poco-Yo, Maggie and the Ferocious Beast (no, not Thatcher and Pinochet) and point them in the direction of Dora the Explorer, which would give (most) Yanks a sense that there's a big world out there beyond chomping fast food, raping the planet, and bombing freedom into dark-skinned folks.