There is no panic as we won the war.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by old_bloke, Mar 19, 2008.

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  1. So the shaved monkey is out for the afternoon after his last tea party.

    Good to see that US troops have made.

    At a cost of 3990 US dead, 175 UK dead and 133 others- oops forgot to count the Iraqis mind they lost so they are of no importance.

    Cost to USA about $1.2 trillion . Only about as lots has been lost or miss accounted or is taken from training days or whatever.

    Say for 1.2 trillion you could have bought a lot of jelly beans, wish Ronny had been around.

    Still life on the up and up and with all that oil on the market the price is bound to come down?
  2. Yet another knob...
  3. He doesn't give a shit, in 10 months all these problems will be on someone else's shoulders and he'll be off to plan his library and to get 100 grand a pop speaking engagements....just like his best mate Tony "Yo!" Blair
  4. Happy VI.I. day everyone! It took almost as long as WWII but that certainly showed 'em what for, eh? That'll teach them not to... err... do that again!
  5. Just thinking out loud now, but don`t you think its time that "Grimm`s Fairy Tales" were updated?

    Surely this one would be ideal, but what could it be called? "The Deluded Bald-Ape" or "The Revenge of the Dry-Alcoholic".

    Over to you.
  6. Do what again?
    Threaten the Western World with WMD?
  7. and the septics are learning the hearts & minds approach very well it seems.......

    And near the northern city of Kirkuk, US troops shot dead three Iraqi policemen by mistake, an incident officials described as "a tragic accident, which was sincerely regretted".
  8. Apparently that's why we went in, wasn't it? I notice there was no mention of it in the victory speech.

    Oh, on seconds thoughts, it looks like we've not reached V.I. day yet - d'oh - more violence and shooting in Iraq today. And the destruction of Al Qeada in Iraq was only a 'milestone' in The War Against Terror... and just when I'd found that bag of bunting in my loft and washed down the tressels for a street party!
  9. My bold.
    Given that OBL and Saddam hated eachother, I can't imagine that AQ were a particularly strong force in Iraq before the great liberation.
  10. Although I can't find it, Sky News reported that one of the first countries to offer support to the US against OBL after 11/9 was... Iraq! Strange.

    Fox News' classic when GW2 began... 'decapitation attempt against Saddam H and the rest of teh Al Qeada leadership...' sums it up.
  11. Yes, and the Iranians handed over many AQ/ Taliban fighters and commanders in the early days too.
    It is reported that OBL wanted to send Mujahadeen fighters to protect Saudi in 1990/1 to prevent Saddam continuing in a southerly direction, but I cant give you any refrence to that.
  12. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    This was trrue, trhough it wasn't support as in troops, but support as in commiserations (sp) for the people of America.

    Its covered in some detail in the journo book chap from the BBC that got bombed in kurdish iraq, john snow?
  13. Errrr, so bearing all this in mind, what did Britain go to war with Iraq for? and more to the point what exactly has been achieved?
  14. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator


    Rumsfeld wanted oil, a power base in the middle east, a (defacto) seat on OPEC, to have US forces within a spit of Israel and because AFG wasn't enough to assuage the US population for 9/11. In addition, SH had changed the oil currency (for Iraq) from USD to EUR. OPEC was considering it. Venezuela has done the same thing.

    We were there, because we're their best friends. And whilst Mr M Moore might like to say that a best friends should tell best friends when they are being an arrse, I believe that friends back friends.
  15. Ye of so little faith... TO GET RID OF THE WMDs!

    They MUST be hidden in the desert, you know. Maybe a sand storm buried the nuclear bunkers. St Blair saved our lives... remember 45 minutes!