There is no alternative to the OTC!!

Discussion in 'OTC' started by Chuck_Norris, Jan 12, 2007.

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  1. Is there anything like the OTC? This is something that I have pondered for quite some time since leaving the OTC some years ago. I tried the TA thing and that say the least extremely dull, post OTC experience. It's not really the same going away with a platoon of 7 or 8 blokes, to a group of well over 150 people 50/50 split male/female pissed up bags of 18 year old hormones. Needless to say I enjoyed the experience of OTC so much that I actually did two degrees just so that I could stay on for another 3 years!! Lets face it, where else do you get to go on the lash for the weekend and get paid for the pleasure. Thats not to say that its all drink. There was some army stuff, like standing for hours on end waiting for the range to clear so you can start firing (yes you've guessed it I was in a gun troop!). There were also the courses camps that were just an opportunity to earn another 10 days pay just before going back to uni in Sept. The only downside of the OTC was the pitiful bounty!!

    Anyway I now find myself married with an 8 year old child and approaching 30 thus the mid life crisis looms. Thinking back to the old days, they have by far been the most important and influential in who I am today. The education I battled through for most of my younger life pails into insignificance to what I picked up through the OTC. Anyone reading this wondering if to join...DO IT...even if you don't want to join the army (don't tell them that). Get paid to have a laugh and make some fantastic life long friends.

    For those of you that are already in it, do another degree and stay on as long as possible because as soon as you leave, you have to be all serious and the TA network isn't what you would expect (in my opinion anyway).

    If you dont join then I suppose there is always RAMBLING!! Its like the OTC but without the guns and stuff. Why do Ramblers feel compelled to go to Keswick dressed like they are going to scale K2, just to look around the Rambling shops at clothes they are already wearing??
  2. Im sure people love you as you loved playing soldiers.

    But I think your a cnut
  3. Chuck, you sound like a complete chopper - it would appear that your two degrees were completely wasted upon you. In fact, with the level of intelligence within your thread I can only assume you went to a 'poly' through clearing.

    The reason you only get one shot at OTC is because it is a valuable experience - largely to those intelligent people who climb the career ladder and then look favourably upon those employees beneath them who serve in the TA, and equally to those individuals who progress to become Officers in the TA ... OTC is, afterall, the TA precursor to attendance at Sandhurst.

    The idea that you should take a second degree in order to stay in OTC is offensive on two counts - firstly, you hardly sound as though the degree is your main focus and secondly, that you do not seem to understand that you have enjoyed an experience and opportunity not widely available. In these days of limited budgets, man training days and resources it is unbelievably narrow minded of you to wish, and recommend, that people take a second shot at OTC therefore depriving others of such an experience.

    In short, NO there is no alternative to OTC, have the wisdom and good grace to appreciate it for the transient experience it was. be grateful not petulant - you are no longer 18!

    Join a club, visit the local, make some friends ... how does everyone else manage.

    I am very disappointed in you Sir.

  4. Didn't realise that there was so much **** retention on the site!! I was just recalling an episode in my life that I highly recommend to anyone. Do you really think that I did two degrees JUST to stay on at the OTC.....oh shame on you.
  5. Fuck me ragged with an RPG! You are a dull cunt.
  6. Needless to say I enjoyed the experience of OTC so much that I actually did two degrees just so that I could stay on for another 3 years!!

    Chuck, fcuk off you sad cnut.

    MODS - time for removal?
  7. Well I am sorry that you feel that way onfire. What does MODS time for removal mean anyway? Is my post inappropriate?

    Not that I am an aggressive person mut since you set the tone.....onfire

    You sound like a prime twat and I can only liken you to some of the **** meat heads I have encountered in the past. In fact I bet your a RAMBLER!! Looking at your profile it appears you are!! Happy rambling you tit!!
  8. INFACT onfire, you have a cheek!! After reading some of your posts!!! Not finishing a course of antibiotics because you felt better........are you stupid!! Draining the NHS of limited resources by ignoring the directions that would have been given by your Dr and written clearly on the bottle of tablets. You clearly cannot read!! An extra visit to your GP taking up his time that could be better spent seeing someone with an illness inflicted, not by not finishing the tablets they were given in the first place!?%"£

    You really are the type of person who reads (sorry let me re-phrase that) gets someone else to read you the Daily Mail headlines so that you can sound important in front of people sitting behind you on the bus as you talk loudly into your mobile phone (on hands free because the daily mail ran a story that its bad for you) to one of your rambler friends.....very sad!!
  9. My guess, your from dawn south. The force is strong up north
  10. The point is pal, at a time when British Forces are being fcuked every way imaginable, you come on here spouting about how you loved going away for piss ups and getting paid for the pleasure, had no intention of joining up, found the TA dull,probably because it wasnt a merry pish up, going on courses and camps to supplement your way through uni/poly. All at the expense of the tax payer.
  11. Onfire, take a chill pill.

    Guy advocates joining the OTC because he had a positive experience. What is your problem?

    How long were you OTC and how seriously did you take it?

    "OTC is, afterall, the TA precursor to attendance at Sandhurst." Büllshit. It is a drinking club. Being an Cdt Cpl, Sgt, JUO, SUO does not an officer make. How many on your intake passed out (of RMAS not in the bar).

    "Get with the program!", you said it.
  12. You want a second shot at OTC??? Should have stuck with the TA went to sandhurts, learned how to be an officer, by that I mean lead and motivate your troops to do things they dont actually want to do and manage them in a way which means they will follow you anywhere (even if its only to see what you will do next) THEN..... Apply for a Coy 2ic or training officer slot and put something back in to an organisation which you appear to have sucked so much out of. Rather than is there anything else that will be as much fun for me, how about a bit of "how can I put something back in so the current crop of OCDT's get as much out of it as you did"


    </rant off
  13. Personally, I found the OTC pump, hence why I transferred to the TA. Best thing I ever did.
  14. I love a good bitching session! It's horses for courses you see. OTC never says anything about having to go on to TA or Regs as an officer. Just hopes that you might. And if you do, why not get a taste of what it will be like but in a less serious, more enjoyable way. No need to go around taking it deadly seriously as it isn't yet an occupation. He may not have moved on to more grown up areas, but then he could always go and paintball with some other full time walts.
  15. Couldn't have put it better myself.
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