There is justice in this world after all

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Drlligaf, Jan 11, 2013.

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  1. Whilst trawling a US gun website for BP info I stumbled across this:

    "Two dirtbags rob pharmacy and encounter a retired Marine.
    The other day in Madera, CA two known Fresno gang members entered a pharmacy through the back door. Without warning, dirtbag one opens fire at the BACK of the pharmacist and his 68 y.o. mother. What the POS didn't know was the pharmacist was an ARMED retired Marine. The Marine returned fire striking the suspect in the face, torso and leg. Both dirtbags fled and when the police arrived they followed the blood trial for a couple of blocks to a bleeding and nearly dead suspect. He was transported to the hospital where he died.

    POS number two was tracked down two days later and arrested. He's being charged with murder, 2x attempted murder, robbery, use of a firearm during the commission of a crime and so on.

    Sadly the Marine's mother was struck, however it was superficial. She was treated and released."

    First of all I'm glad the old lady is all right.
    Second, well done that Marine.
    Third, surving perpetrator is charged with murder. Murder? Wot murder?
    Well someone else had the same question and the answer is:

    Originally Posted by Amerikano View Post
    Who did POS #2 murder? Was it from a different incident? But I'm extremely proud of that ex-marine/pharmacist!

    He was an accomplice to the robbery and the shooting. Since he was involved and someone was killed, he gets charged for his friends death. Same as when cops get into shooting and kill the suspect. Any surviving accomplices go for murder.

    On a side note, the dead pos was recently arrested for a home invasion where he beat and bound an 82 yo woman. Kind of nice that his death was slow and painful.

    So 2 crooks decide to perform an armed robbery which rapidly goes tits. Intended victim returns fire and kills one crook, the survivor gets done for murder. Love it, I really love it.

    PS I bet this is not a main news article. Not being cynical like.

    And now my fellow Arrsers, your comments feelings on the matter.
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  2. Rounds to the head, torso and leg. Sloppy. Should have come out like this:

  3. Er, perhaps the ex Marine should consider locking the back door of his pharmacy a little more securely. You know what with all those DRUGs on the premises!
    Apart from that good drills
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  4. 'Bloke in America shoots someone who tries to rob him'

    Nothing to see here, move along.
  5. Great stuff. Hope it hurts in prison.
  6. This is great news!
    I can now sleep safe and sound in my bed in Englandshire knowing this evil doer is doing no more evil.
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  7. Where did the "marine" bit come from?
  8. The article describes him as an Army veteran.
  9. A strange way to define murder. The perps got what they deserved but for the second to be charged with murder merely because he was an accomplice to the person who got killed is stretching it a bit. Armed robbery yes, murder no. Suspect it is one of these degree murder things the US has.
  10. Under California law you can be charged with murder if you commit a crime where your accomplice is killed. I presume the argument is that if you hadn't agreed to commit the crime with the victim they'd still be alive.

    Don't do crime kids.

    Sent from beyond the grave using the Force.
  11. If there really was justice in the world, the words "Piers", "Morgan", "shot", "in" and "face" would feature prominently in the first post.
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  12. I like the cut of your jib sir. Your post would read even better if in addition to" Piers" and "Morgan" and all the above, it included the words "Tony and Cherie Blair" and the words "suicide pact" and "plans came to fruition".
  13. The UK has a similar 'joint enterprise' law. I agree with it in certain circumstances. If you're going to rob a bank with guns and your mate shoots someone, you're as guilty as him. It has also been used questionably, however.

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