There is hope once we can all see clearly, what is happening to Humanity.

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Enlightened no longer frightened,
emotion transformed into devotion,
thinking positively, logically.

The Monetary system is the problem,
it is sending us all loopy,
& we are allowing it stupidly.

Try to imagine a life without Money,
War Crime Politics Fear or Scarcity.
Everybody equal can access what they need easily,
no more power over people using money,
that is why the rich don’t want a resource based economy

Refuse or choose not to see not see,
that it IS all down to money
That the cure to it all is a "Resource based economy"
there is no need for anyone to be hungry,
I can't stand all the cruelty unfairness & misery.
Finding something to believe in, is so releasing.
Gives instant strength, helps to forgive those who won't repent,
knowing for sure now it is their conditioning,
deep routed problems & inhibitions,
because of the way we are living.

When it leaves you in no doubt,
many have now worked it all out,
the solution not just pointing it all out.

Instant relief & mind clearing,
so you are interested & let new knowledge in.
Start thinking logically assessing,
clear our minds of the mess we are in, & start problem solving.

Forget about myths only deal with fact,
planet earth & human nature should be our focus our religion I agree with that.
we have to stop competing & grabbing, warring & fighting,
or we will become extinct I can see that.

The alternative, just let it roll leave it as it is, hope it's all cured by Politics.
Live our life fighting stress,
accept we have to feel this aggressiveness, ? in order to progress ?
they can't see this is disturbing & destructive ? ?

Won't deal in sharing & kindness see these as weaknesses,
can't see that the world is sick ? because of the competitive rich & Politics.

When they ignore, close the door, won't explore, the "Venus project".
Who are about us & our planet, looking after every one & thing on it,

You would’ve thought the news or Panorama would’ve covered it,
not a mention in parliament not even to discredit it.

Their limited thinking, the fact that they are not seeing, is what I find worrying.

I have no interest or respect left for Politics,
until they explain why we can not have it.
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