There is an afterlife

Moral soldering is pretty hard to come by, however I spent 6 months of last year training and supervising (ie leading) military gendemarie in a south east asian country in the fight against illegal logging and poaching on behalf of a large US conservation NGO. Cant give any names away because of contract obligations but for all you ex squadds it is the way forward . Tried to recruit some ex pals last year but the money didnt compete with stagging on in the sun but if you want excitement try being in the middle of a jungle with no comms in a firefight unarmed(some times!) and getting the men to push forward in a different language SPOT ON!!! Seriously we all know the planet is in shit state and british ex soldiers are very much in demand to help out . Worked with ex legion ( good bloke but to be fair as good as any infantry squad ) and some isreali ex special forces ( I cant put in to words how poor they where ) Jobs are easy to come by money is realy good in each host country and when you spend a bit of time there you wont want to come back AND YOU GET TO SOLDIER FOR A PRETTY GOOOD REASON!!!
no im not mate had to come back because me and the missus ( she worked for another ngo ) had ankle biter only just signed up on arrse and thought id spread the gospel !! not a tree hugger but when you hear a chainsaw in your AO get pretty pissed off!! still have contacts though if interested
hello m3347,
ive been working in the sandbox the last 2 years now im looking for something different i know you cant say anything on the open forum but if you have any info pm me cheers

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