there is a god!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by azahpm, Oct 17, 2008.

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  1. It's not a's a fcuking waste of the tax payers money investigating each individual to see where/how they contributed the shite situation the economy is in at the moment.

    Sod the ASBOs, they mean fcuk all. Just work out where evereyone went wrong.....make sure it doesn't happen again.....and move on.

  2. True but you must agree that its about time these fat cats at the top of the chain have got what was coming to them. if not asbos then mabe we could get the fcuckers to live on one of our wages for a few years, it'd certainatly make them see the world in a different light when they havent got there bentleys to be chauffered around in and they cant cuddle up with there wives and coacoa in there contry mannor.
  3. What's the point??? It won't change anything.
  4. If I got £4 million in bonuses after dropping the biggest bollox in recent history, do you honestly think a fcukin' ASBO is going to worry me?!?
  5. Exactly. Put the money to proper use.
  6. Yeah buy £4 million worth of white lightning, neck the lot and put a shop window through. That's a proper ASBO
  7. An ASBO will do fcuk all to these people. How about 12 years hard labour for buying useless debt off the sneaky yanks?

    Or here's a better idea, why not put a gun to their collective heads and blow their greedy little brains out for (almost) bringing this (once fine) country to it's knees?