There is a God !!

Whilst serving in the sandy place, I was in the process of clearing a building within the confinds of an oil refinery when I happened to come across a copy of a certain religious book. Why I did it I dont know, but I promptly inserted a rather large greenie into the centre pages. I then put the book down and carried on with my duties and gave it no more thought.

The following day there just happened to be a lull in the campaign so like all good wksps, we decided to carry out turn around inspections on all the kit in the regt. Whilst waiting for the equipment to arrive at my location I thought I'd give myself a quick hair cut. So I fired up the metal benders genny and away I went. Once finished I asked my MATE if he would give me some water to wash off the unwanted hair. He promptly gave me a tablet with F.O. stamped on it, so I ran the 50 yards to my truck which had a plentiful supply on board.

I then sprinted like greased weasel sh!t back towards where I had just come from. It was at this point when I was sprinting with my head down, that I was stopped in my tracks by a rather large RSJ (I shaped steel girder). It had been nicely positioned at head height and as I did not see it, I took the full force right in the kisser. It dropped me like a bag of sh!t . I was then rolling around the floor spitting blood and teeth while moaning like a proper girl !!

On hearing and seeing the commotion my MATES laughed and rushed over to my aid. They picked me up threw me in a truck and took me to the rear of operations and a field hospital. Upon arrival we skidded to a holt outside the A & E tent. As we did this the camp RSM came out shouting "you cant park there." My driver then replied "fcuk off sir I have a casualty" as fell out the cab and collapsed on the floor (at which point the RSM scurried off back under canvas)

So i was then treated, stiched up temporary teeth put in and sent packing back to my unit. When I got there, still groggy, I rocked up to my OC and told him of my ill fortune. On hearing this he told me "ok sorry to hear about that, got a get your head down and I'll see you back to work in an HOUR !!"

When I left the unit I thanked him most graciously for so much time off in me hour of need!!

To this day I get flashbacks of the incident and I will never say or do anything against any form of religion because I know that if I do, him upstairs will find out and punish me!
Is that how you came to have your dashing good looks is it Sparticuss??


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Well, I hope you are going to donate that hour's wage that your OC generously allowed you to a suitable service charity.

After all it was self inflicted :wink: :twisted:
The things a tradesman will do to get away from the front, and move to close proximity of the nearest mobile Burger Kings amazes me,
maybe if you had pulled your head out of your ass earlier you would of seen where you were goin, are you sure you werent tryin to catch last orders!!!!!!!!!! pish head

mmmmwwwwaaaagggghhhhhh xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx :evil:
good story rumour is you got beaten up by a local and its all a cover-up!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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