There is a God - Jonathon Ross to quit BBC


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Jonathon Ross is quitting the BBC and has hinted that he will move to work in the USA.

While I feel sorry for the Septics, this is great news to kickstart 2010.

If this has been picked up elsewhere I'm sorry - please move if necessary.
Hopefully the outrageous pay cheque he was getting will but about 12 replacements who are actually funny. Or a fiver off each TV licence.
Oh dear, what a shame. Feel for the Yanks but hey times are tough.
Good riddance to him and his smug, irritating face...


Seems a bit unfair to me, they are, after all, a coalition nation.
The Yanks will have enough trouble with Jonathwan Woss' diction, let alone his main impediment - his intellect.
RearWords said:
JesterRIP said:
Or John 'BBC' Barrowman?
I'll watch that programme just to have my tongue hanging out....real shame for us women!
RW - Please see Annoying Adverts thread 8O

Just thinking about it, if Barrowman or Norton did replace 'Wossy' on Friday nights, do you think their wee piano quartet will be called the Four Little Hetro's? Ideas on a postcard...
Legs said:
I like his show...

No, really!
I'd bone his missus! Show's not bad, not great but not bad. Couldn't understand the faux outrage, Civi version of the Outrage Bus, that was caused by him.
As for his salary causing a fuss, I believe he(by which I mean his production company) was paid a sum of money to make a programme. He is self employed, he hasn't quit he has just not renewed his contract.


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The Woss is actually a very nasty person. Perhaps the BBC is actually thinking about standing on its own two feet instead of relying on political masters (who are falling apart right now) for all decisions and policy.
The only worry is that the septics will quickly realise what they have in their hands and will send him back. Hopfefully the BBC will have learnt its lesson and will not be that stupid again.
Excellent news - it brightened my day when I read it. Each to their own, but I've only ever found him mildly amusing at best and could never work out why he was so highly thought of or paid. Saying that, I can't stand 'Parky' and loads of people seem to rate him.
I'm hoping that the brilliant interview, well more of an interrogation of the Beeb DG by the authoress PD James figured in this move. She left him floundering when it got to him trying to justify "high salaries / market rates" and couldn't name another tv or media production company who were paying their presenters such fees.

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