There has to be a joke in here somewhere....


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They whipped five warts out of the Presidentinators jaxie. When can we expect the YouTube clip?


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Did they find Colon Powell?


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The amount of time Tony spent up there it's a wonder he didn't sort them out.
It's a first in Brain surgery.
"the five small growths removed from President Bush's colon, the White House said Monday."

These weren't the five fingers of the puppeteer by any chance? 8O
Did they find his own head instead?
Those were Cheneys fingers...
They removed the five polyps that were no longer fit for purpose: Wolfoshitz, Bliar, Rummy, Casey and Libby.
They declared immigration amnesty for Gonzales because they still need an 'I recall nothing' guy for things yet to be uncovered.

Unfortunately, they had to leave DC Dick, William Krystal(nacht) and the PNAC brigade up there because he still needs script writers.
And, of course, Bush's Brain had to stay because they still need Dumbya to be the Administration stumblebum for at least another year.

I am not sure what happened to Rice.


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The pressure just piles on for this guy . . .

Cat, hoat, blon . . .
just think theres a bloke out there who's been up bushes arrse........wait no, theres been quite a few hasn't mistake

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