There even selling the Big Issue!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by BernardMcCabe, Apr 17, 2007.

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  1. In Gravesend today I was accosted by the usual Idle git selling the Big Issue or so I thought. Not recognising his accent I asked him where he came from and he told me Poland! Not only are they nicking all the jobs over here but there even doing the unwashed idle barstewards out of a cup of tea! Oooo ooo unless the British idle unwashed have sub contracted it out! Wouldnt that be great, the British would be known for being more idle than idle or the brainiest of idle. No its no good I'm filling up, tear trickles down side of face, shambles into position of attention and salutes while humming land of hope and glory. Still did'nt buy the paper cos I'm a tight git and skint.
  2. Some weird fat old woman in a headscarf of undetermined foreign origin stands in Manch city centre just constantly repeating Big Issue, Big Issue like 30 times a minute.

    Looks they're desperate!
  3. when they say big issue to me

    i just go God Bless you
  4. There was a girl in Borehamwood doing the samething last year sounded Polish. You need to be registered homeless to sell the Big Issue so they must be exporting the homeless over here.

  5. A always buy a copy of The Big Issue.

    It's a practical way of helping someone who is considerably better than a beggar.

    Instead of earning that crust, they could be robbing your house or mine.
  6. Bunch of mates on leave one weekend, bimbling thru Wimbledon-
    "Got any change mate?"
    "Sorry mate, only got this wallet full of twenties!"
  7. Hedgie!

    Seen An't Scolaidhe, GDav or Flamingo lately?
  8. In Market Harborough there is a young Narnian* woman selling the Big Issue who doesn't even have the decency to stand while selling but takes up the bench outside Sainsburys.

    Narnian.... collective noun for one from Eastern Europe/anywhereian
  9. If you're homeless, where do they send the fcuking forms to register?
  11. I don't know about the staff inside my local WH Smith but the git who stands shouting "Beeg Eessue", in an East European whine, gets right on miy bits. Not only that but I'm sure his attitude amounts to Aggressive Begging.
  12. Aye, there's Eastern Europeans selling the Beeeeeg IssssshhhhhhU around my neck of the woods-it makes a refreshing change from listening to the pointyheads I suppose..
  13. I used to buy the Big Issue all of the time because I believed that the persons selling it were genuine and trying to get off of the streets and get a (what we believe) normal life. Some months, I would end up with lots of the same copies - although from different regions.

    Nowadays, due to many of the reasons on this page, I wouldn't bother ever to buy one or encourage anyone to buy one.

    On the immigrant note - why are we importing beggers?? Do we not have enough of our own? Mind you, at least in London they have replaced the NORAL DOG with CHILDREN!!!!!!!!! Do they get money? NO? not with those nice shoes/trainers!
  14. Good idea!! :lol:
  15. We call them thieves here!