There are, thank God, no hungry programmers in Mumbai.


Fred's column on this occasion deals (minimally, ok) with the US experience.

Interesting to note that the "Conservative" Party in the UK has this week gone for (I nearly said 'with') the NuLab Ekwality In Skools programme; where will our sons and grandsons be in 50 years time, I wonder?

It's an awful vision to be confronted with, but consider: the socially cringeing, apologetic and actually defeatist mindset of our national 'leadership' is such as to send our children into an educationally, technically and sociologically incompetent future, in the name of some grotesque form of 'equality', or worse; 'institutional' equality, regardless of the wider world's existence.

T'ank the Lord my family is in the soon-to-be-Revolutionary Republic of Ireland (Northern Bit), where Big Ian has repeatedly stated his principles on the subject...

...Oh oh.
(Yes, I know that the above is an aside, really, but I thought that Fred put it well. He does, usually. And it has relevance to the position in which we find ourselves in the UK with our cretinous, self-serving, greedy, hypocritical, small, vile, nasty, po-faced (did anyone see that grindingly gristly wall-eyed and bad-toothed awful woman in Peking claiming to be our representative Foreign Secretary but failing, today? Shame isn't in it) corrupt, sexually inadequate and frequently sexually perverse politicians.

Not a fine body of men and women.)
Shower of cunts, the lot of them. Without exception. But especially that repulsive creature pretending to be our Foreign Secretary.

No, sorry, I can't be more civil on this. It has to be said.
You appear to be talking to yourself here fella. Why not leave it till the morning and try to start making sense?
There's nothing like Beck's to incite a rant. That's what the internet's for, am I right? :D

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