there are plans to invade Venezuela

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Sep 30, 2005.

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  2. 5 years ago , I'd have suggested Chavez had shares in Bacofoil.

    Now, I'm not so sure.
  3. Undoubtedly the Pentagon does have plans to invade Venezuela - and just about every other country on Earth. Staff planning exercises, contingency plans, whatever - doesn't mean there's any chance they'll be put into practice.
  4. Invade and be damned.
  5. Yes but the US has already tried to provoke a coup there using the media in order to get Chavez out of power for pandering to the soap dodgers and nationalising the place.

    The US goverment was the first (and only) to recognise the new government before Chavez managed to wrestle back control.

    There was a documentry on BBC 2 about it a while ago but otherwise I don't recall hearing much about it.
  6. The USA has always viewed South America as its own backyard where it can do as it pleases. It also gives one a clear idea of how the USA would like the rest of the world to be........

  7. If they invade, I'll be the first to sign up, go over there and do whatever's necessary to make them regret it
  8. No big thing. The Pentagon has plans to invade pretty much anywhere on Planet Earth as a matter of SOP It's a simple matter of preparation for any eventuality and giving staff officers something to do with their time.

    The real question is how recently the plans were updated. Remember also that prior to Iraq and Afghanistan, the largest operational overseas deployment of US forces was in Colombia. My guess is that if there are any recent plans, it's just becasue Southern Command is doing a spot of house cleaning on a plan that hasn't changed since the Cold War.

    Chavez either has inflated sense of his own importance or a tinfoil hat. Maybe both.
  9. Let see, what have Chavez done wrong and need to be invaded? Increasing social spending by any chance? If he is democractic elected offical with a popular backing, what is the ground to invade his country? Is it not a war of aggression?
  10. Interresting, didn't realize that 54 military personnel (count as of 2003) in Colombia exceeded the US forces present in South Korea or Germany of the same year.

    We also have plans to invade France, is a single page document and can be summarized: show up with guns and they will surrender.
  11. Amazing how the US have a department called Defense (sic), when all it knows is Offense (sic). Still, I suppose it's easy to purloin the money to pay for it from the ignorant straw-sucking sad hinterland excuses for intelligent human life
  12. The best defense is a good offense....don't remeber who said it but it applies .

  13. Was it Hitler?
  14. Maybe, but what I am sure of whoever said it wasn't French