Theraputic Gardening - Combat Stress

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by Bad CO, Mar 4, 2010.

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  1. Bad CO

    Bad CO LE Admin Reviews Editor Gallery Guru

    We've been approached by a long time RP user who has asked us to promote some work she is doing with Combat Stress. Specifically she is creating a garden for those affected by Post Traumatic Stress Disorder that will be displayed at Hampton Court Palace Flower Show this summer and then moved to Combat Stress's main treatment centre at Tyrwhitt House in Leatherhead.

    Full details can be found at the page on Combat Stress Garden. Can I ask that everyone have a look at it and see whether they are willing to support this project?

    BTW Dorinda has asked me to post this as she doesn't want her username to be outed!
  2. Thanks Bad Co - much appreciated posting this on here. I have decided to come out of the closet! If anyone has any questions on the garden or gardening feel free to ask away.

    Great site!
  3. Thought I would just update you on how we are going. Many apologies if the bymycharity link has been playing up - I hope that it is sorted out.

    We have just rejigged the design (which I will be uploading if computer skills are up to it) this evening. But we have also had some really great news in that Mike Sugg from Cirencester Engineering has come up with a huge amount of assistance re: hard landscaping and supplies, which means that we don't need to raise as much money and the garden moves that much closer to reality. We have until the end of March to make this happen.

    Please, if you know anyone who might be willing to donate please ask them. The money donated on this page does go to the garden and not into the general pot. The garden is desperately needed at CS - at the moment the guys looks out onto a building site and a bit of grass. Not great for coming to grips with PTSD or combat stress. Many thanks. Dorinda
  4. Our Just Giving page is starting motor with donations, which is just as well as we have until 31 March to have everything finalised re support/finance/sponsorship.

    Please if you know of anyone who might be interested in supporting this garden could you forward them the link/information or anything!!!

    It is
    Combat Stress Garden

    With many thanks
  5. Thought I'd bump this. Gardening leave helps a lot of guys and gals and is a most worthwhile project (IMO).
  6. evening bump :)
  7. Thank you. Mind you having been out in the rain and the mud today, I wonder what I see in gardening sometimes! I look distinctly like a muddy Mrs Michelinman....... lovely.

    Having said that I would rather be out in a garden, or looking out on one than constrained in an office, or looking out on a brick wall!
  8. As long as any female helpers are kept an eye on. The nurses at Combat stress are notorious for getting romantically involved with their vulnerable patients leading to wrecked marriages- high earners especially targetted by the slappers. I know of three wrecked marriages and that's no doubt the tip of the iceberg. The director has been informed but don't seem to be taking action to stop these women zooming in on their patients at a vulnerable time in the lives. It is of course illegal to sleep with your patients but they are repeatedly getting away with it.
    If you go to Combat stress just guard yourself or you may come out with your life and finances more fucked up than before you went in.
  9. i thought this was about getting people to do some gardening - my new one needs sorting out, go on it's only down the road from CS..
  10. Raising £20,000 for a garden for a charity? That's a lot of money. Why don't you get round the garden centres and builders merchants for them to donate and get a mention in the press rather than asking the public for this.
    Some of the lads staying at CS would be happy I'm sure to do the actual work creating the garden.
  11. Dear Picasso

    We have indeed approached suppliers, who have donated all the hard landscaping to the garden; we have had private donations as well. The money is going to create the garden at Hampton Court and then transferring it down to Tyrwhitt House. Hopefully the veterans will be helping at Hampton Court as well as at Tyrwhitt House. The garden is about raising awareness of the problems of PTSD and combat stress as well as doing a useful job at the end of it all rather than being thrown away. We are also trying to get press coverage. And all suggestions are gratefully received.

    As for slappers, well I have been called many things but not that recently!!! And although I may be a female running a business I have both male and females working for me and as yet we have had no problems - probably because I can be quite scary as some of my subbies know.

    And am always delighted to give suggestions for gardens to be sorted out.... you never know Pacestick if you come to the Hampton Court Show you might get some ideas!!
  12. Just to let you know that due to an anonymous donor and fantastic support from suppliers, friends, public and others we are in a position to take the garden to Hampton Court, buy the plants etc and move everything to Tyrwhitt House. We are, however, still fund raising to get the garden installed at Tyrwhitt House. So a huge huge thank you to all of you who have assisted and followed this. Please do visit us at the Hampton Court Show if you have time! With very very many thanks Dorinda
  13. I vaguely remember hearing a story that gardening had been dropped from "occupational therapy" (if that's what its called these days) by the NHS on the basis that some people wont attend because they get some form of support for assisting with the gardening that they are unable to do at home because of their illness. I don't know if its true or a UM, but anyway, good luck with it!
  14. Gardening, Theraputic,my arrse, I'm worried to F**k about my Tomatos