Ther German Navy.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by bobath, Feb 22, 2007.

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  1. The German minesweeper FSG Groemitz.

    What do you expect when you name you ship after a plastacine dog.

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  2. Heheh.

    Psst! hide all the pics of the Nottingham, sharpish!
  3. Wonder how much no claims bonus will be lost on that little bit of parking??

    Exit one skipper :thumright:

  4. As soon as the RN gets a reputation for anything every one tries to copy.

  5. Was der Fick?
  6. Scheiße. Wo ist die Rückseite?
  7. I suppose running aground by accident makes a pleasant change to being torpedoed by us :numberone:

  8. Very good.

    I see they've hoisted the NUC (Not Under Command) signal, the appropriate ' two balls up'. Not really necessary as there are other clues for passing ships.

    No sign of any chavs and pikeys waiting to loot stuff. Why ever not?
  9. I would have thought the vessel aground signal, 3 black balls would have been more appropriate in the circumstances
  10. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    Unrelated but on-topic wrt the title of the thread. It's a long one but worth it: bear with me.

    1985 and Army are about to tonk Crabs in the annual Inter-service Regatta off Kiel. My former 15/19H Unit Paymaster phones my unit and tells me,

    "Corporal Alien, you have been chosen from a shortlist of one to represent Army against Crabs. Our crew will consist of the CO and RSM of my new unit."

    Cometh the day and the race in question takes us out of Kiel, west of the bouyed channel and round in a big square leaving all the course markers to starboard. One particular course marker is actually one of the channel markers indicating the channel leading into Kiel, which will start our return to BKYC. This will be left to starboard like all the others.

    We are quite well placed among the Army crews, and actually ahead of the skipper's worst enemy, his buddy the former Unit Paymaster of 3RTR whose name escapes me. Never mind the Crabs, they are all a long way back. We are closing rapidly on this marker.

    As navigator, in the murky weather I notice a small object in the water, moving at speed, apparently too quickly for the size of the vessel. (At this point I could be quoting from The Cruel Sea.) Funnily enough, as in The Cruel Sea, this small object turns out to be a U-Boat, on the surface but low in the water and motoring.

    I keep taking bearings to the U-Boat but it doesn't take instrumentation to recognise that the bearing isn't changing. There are two explanations:

    1. We are on the same course and speed;
    2. We are on a collision course.

    Clearly we are on a collision course. I know that he will have left some leeway between himself and the buoy and I know we'll be turning sharply when we get there. It helps that there are yachts ahead and astern and any astute U-Boat commander ought to have done his sums and worked out where we shall be turning. So we just plough on heading for the buoy.

    The closer we get to the buoy with the bearing to the U-Boat unchanged, the more heads pop up on top of the conning tower. They certainly look to be getting agitated. After all, our bearing to them hasn't changed either and they ought to know what I know that means.

    We reach the buoy only about ten meters from the U-Boat's midships and turn hard - as we would anyway - we were racing after all. There was a collective look of relief on all the faces on the conning tower.

    Now our flotilla out of the British Kiel Yacht Club was flying Red Ensigns and technically we were the junior naval craft on the water. This was a U-Boat - Germany's nearest thing to a capital ship.

    So I quite calmly dropped the ensign in salute and stood to attention for them.

    THAT surprised them. Amused, I watched the scurry of hands on the tower trying to get to their ensign to return the salute. They were still scurrying as the U-Boat shot over the horizon.

    Well it made me laugh.
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  11. Nice story Alien!
  12. I had the helm on "Lillibulero" (the REME yacht) once upon a time and our trusty Nav said "See that thing on the horizon? That's the Kiel lighthouse. Steer for it". So I did, only to get the feeling that it seemed to be moving... I was a landlubber young Gunner doing as he was told, when it became apparent that it was not a feckin' big black and white stripey lighthouse on a feckin' big rock, but a feckin' big spinnaker on a feckin' big German Yacht! Ahaaaar!
  13. Any link to a story on this?
  14. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    Try this:
  15. I just found it in the interesting pics part on

    I am sure there is a story though