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Theory test before Army driving course?

Quick question if anyone's around just now to answer it: Junior Oldmuso's due to go on her driving course around Easter all going well. But she's now getting conflicting info about needing to pass her theory before the course or if she can do it as part of it - just extending its length. Anyone know what the norm is? Cheers, OM
Cow said:
Direct.gov website says that you have to have a provisional licence to be able to take lessons, however before you take your test you have to have passed the theory test.
Thanks Cow: She's got her provisional okay. It's the army driving course she's due to do. So the confusion is can she just roll up and do her theory and driving as part of the course or does she have to pass her theory before starting the course.
(I did mine in 1998 so it may have changed) DST Leconfield wouldn't load you onto a Driving course without passing the theory as they didn't see the point of training you in the practical if you couldn't pass the theory exam, there were loads of people on the 3rd/4th exams who were about to get binned for being mongs. I'd imagine this would still be the case, however someone whos been recently should be able to confirm.

I would expect it would be part of the package, as you take your test at the end of the training you'll need to have completed all exams prior to starting.

Edit to add: Do her joining instructions not mention it? Get her MT/Driving section to confirm, should take a quick phone call.
For anyone else interested the answer Junior's been given is that yes the 'Theory' part of the driving test is part of the overall basic driving course at Leconfield and you don't have to have passed it before you go :D

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