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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Chimpy., Apr 24, 2007.

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  1. Theoretically speaking, if I could get my hands on an SA80, how much do you reckon it could be sold for on the black market?
  2. I hear there only in to pistols in sarf lundon mate. :wink:
  3. A1 or A2?

    What colour is it?
  4. SA80 are so last season, all the cool kids at armed with gold plated Mach-10's and diamond encrusted combat knives.
  5. Colour? Rounds fired? Servicing/Mod History? No of owners? Reason for sale? Extras?
  6. £500, more if you have ammo and mags. I sold one a couple of months ago, it was an A1, the guy brought it back complaining of stoppages............The cheeky begger!
  7. 20p and a packet of Chewitts. Theoretically speaking.
  8. I'll raise it to five bob, two comics and a dead sparrow.
  9. £72.90 inc VAT.

    Mind you Uzi's cost £1k on the streets 7 years ago. Bit of a waste of money if you ask me, you could be like Madona and buy some African children and train them as your very own killer ninja warriors. Unlike gats you will not get a ten stretch if plod finds you packing an orphan under your trench coat.
  10. Yeah, you're right, SA80 are so not street. Sawn off shotguns and pistols are where the money is.
  11. All depends if you are wearing clothes under your trench coat or not....
  12. The verdict was unproven and the orphan was 19 years old at the time!
  13. Just go on ebay and slow build your own, funny amount of wpn parts on there !
  14. Shotguns are to bulky and every kid on the block has a pistol. Chimpy, you want to stand out in the sink estate. I sugest a pet lion or cheeter, one with big feck off claws. Failing that a mong on a rope would do the trick, just teach it to windmill on command.
  15. Chimpy - I cant belive you have not come clean with your real identity yet.

    How much longer?