Theo Walcott - Believe the hype.

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by the_guru, Oct 10, 2006.

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  1. Juat watched him come on v Germany U21s and he ripped them apart. He is fantastically fast and you can see he is benefitting from training with Thierry Henry.
  2. Reminds me of a fat lad who used to play for us a few years ago.......

    He's fat,
    He's sh1t,
    He likes a granny's t1t..........
  3. believe it when i see it
  4. Guru, I watched the same match and he made a massive impact when he came on. Very Henry like in his play and the goals were very good. Anyone still going on about Rooney should remember that half of the Under 21 team are older than him.
  5. Yeah he had a good game when he came on, though personally I'd still rather have Darren Bent. He's got a track record being the top scoring Englishman in the Premiership last season and he cost a sensible amount of money!!
  6. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    The goals were great and Theo commented on how playing with Sir Terrence has improved hs game.
  7. Nice to see an English Arsenal player scoring for England,all be it u21's.If we qualify for Euro 2008 I expect Mclaren will have him in the senior squad and that he will play.

    Gooner supporter I know,biased yes,Honest always.
  8. long as we don't burn the guy out with expectation...
  9. Lets see how he gets on when he plays in the Premiership first he might do a Shaun Wright-Phillips... Look promising then flop when the time comes to stand up and be counted
  10. Well said Boom.Wedgy he's got Wenger behind him,no chance of him being a flop.Surprised to hear you calling SWP a flop.
  11. It's honest, he looked great banging in stunning goals all over the place, comes to the big club and can't hack it, what's he scored 1 goal since he's been there and even that was in pre season!!

    For 20 odd million you want better just look at Joe Cole him and Robben are the benchmark, as far as I'm concerned Jose should sell him on and recoupe a couple of million back for him.
  12. I think you bought him to stop other club's getting him,be fair he hasn't figured in your first team to any extent?
  13. I dont think SWP is a flop - he was a good player in an averadge side at Man City - came to Chelsea with big expectations but he has to take his game to a new level. Jose did it with Joe Cole, and he will do it with SWP. Credit to SWP for not sulking and jumping ship during the transfer window, but staying to improve his game and skill.
  14. And there's no way he deserves to be in the England squad
  15. SWP hasn't had a fair crack at the whip, but it's his own fault for going to Chelsea in the first place. He should have seen it coming.

    As for Walcott, his second goal last night reminded me very much of Henry when he first arrived at the club. The opposition never really saw what hit them then either.....