Theo the hero dog honoured.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by k13eod, Sep 8, 2012.

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  1. Couldn't find this anywhere. I posted it in the ARRSE Kennel Club thread but think it worthy of a wider audience:

    Hero dog Theo to receive animals' Victoria Cross - British Army Website
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  2. That story brought a lump to the throat.
  3. Thanks for reposting this moving post of a dog team who met their end whilst patrolling with the Micks.
    Very sad and rather odd that the dog should die of seizures after the action in which his handler was KIA.
    RIP to them both.
  4. Nothing is as loyal as a mans (or woman's ) Dog. Glad he he will be remembered.
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  5. Rightly So
    RIP to them both.
  6. Happens the other way round also.

    2-3 years ago an elderly gentleman had to have his dog put down.

    Within a few weeks he died.
  7. I am a dog lover, but...........

    ........I don't see the point. These dogs are taken at 3 weeks old, trained to a very high standard and, because they know no other existence, are exceptionally happy doing their job.

    What a waste of time.
  8. Well it isn't to make the dogs feel better, is it?

    It probably does us some good as a nation to reflect on the uses we put dogs to for our purposes, and mull over the pros and cons. A moment of reflection is no bad thing, is it?
  9. Reflect away. But since the dog has no owner, no family. Who will get the award?

    As the head of dogs over here says "my dogs are an asset, use them." He fully appreciates what they are for, and the fact that they are expendable.

    In RSOI he said if the dog handler of a wardog is down, leave the dog behind. You can't control it, and you'll get bitten. Better to leave the dog on the ground than travel with it without it's handler.

    Humans have a liking for pets, and I can appreciate that. These dogs aren't pets. They have a purpose other than to be walked, stroked, and love their owner.
  10. RIP to them both.
  11. Yes, they missed the chance to be a family pet. All the more reason to value their contribution, I'd have thought.

    I've known plenty of humans not worth the steam off my shit, but I can't in honesty say the same about any dog I've encountered.
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  12. Genuine question. I can understand this with "attack" type dogs, but is it the same with things like spaniels trained to sniff out IED's, etc.?
  13. It depends on the dog, and the people on the ground. If you have no room for it, or can't control it, then leave it behind.
  14. Well, my last spaniel was on par with a six-year-old intelligence-wise. And probably quite a few teenagers too when it came to problem solving and devious Machevellian connivances.
  15. Not odd at all. Don't ever let the truth get in the way of a good story. I guess "dog dies of broken heart" was too good a story to pass up on for the MoD. Theo was kicked with a lot force by an individual who was attempting to deliver immediate first aid to Liam. Theo became very protective of his handler and was smothering him, making access difficult. In the heat of the moment, and under immense pressure, it was obviously an instinctive action to get the dog out of the way.