Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Howler, Jan 28, 2009.

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  1. Is it only me, or does anyone else get p*ssed off with 22nd Special Air Service Regiment being referred to as "THEM"?

    We all know who they are, some past or present members are probably on this site. I'm sure most serving soldiers know several SAS soldiers.

    Why this 'cadetesque' pseudo doffing of hats?

    Anyway, who cares? I'm off to sign out a life.
  2. careful, or 'Them' will be out to get you...
  3. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Well, we could call 'THEM' '(some) ARTISTS, FORMERLY KNOWN AS 'THEM'' perhaps?

    If we had a black-nasty-over-the-eyes Emoticon, perhaps we could just one of those up - a picture paints a thousand words.
  4. Howler, i'm with you mate. Get me a life whilst you're out :x
  5. guess who failed selection :p
  6. *Cough* Humour *Cough*
  7. i don't know any of Them. i've met loads of guys trying to walt it up though. oh, i've met a couple and both were arseh*BANG*
  8. Being in Aldershot and with Hereford practically being an annexe of here there were so many being blokes going off on selection you never knew who had passed and who hadn't so when the question was asked 'where was such and such' our reply was usually 'oh he's gone down the road'. Enough said, we then knew where he was. This could sometimes cause confusion if he had really gone down the road to get some chips from Tony's though!
    Never heard it referred to as 'them'. Sounds a bit like 'the others' from Lost!
  9. I did time in Hereford............... RAF Hereford on a DAC course.
    That must give me bragging rights because it was Hereford and it was Dangerous (as in Dangerous Air Cargo) :D

    Anyway stop getting your knickers in a twist over Fcuk all, there is serious shit to talk about :wink:
  10. But then you deserve to be classed as "Them" having gone through a healthy cod and chips from Tonys and survived! 8O
  11. You posted this shIt at 0639, what did you do? ShIt the bleeding bed or something. GREAT BIG YAWN!! BORE OFF!!
  12. I agree with Howler entirely.
  13. Them that ask Who?
  14. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    You've reminded me - I did a 2 week air cadet camp at RAF Hereford in 198X (opsec, dontyaknow?) and had a ride in a helicopter allegedly owned by "Them" AND they did an exercise in the base whilst we were there (or it could have been crabs with guns, how would I know?).

    Anyway, I can't wait for the pub to open so I can start walting it up about my time up at Hereford, but of course I don't like to talk about it. :D