them shits.

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Womb_Poker, Dec 19, 2009.

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  1. anyone else get fucked off with them shits you do that use up about a million sheets of bog roll but still leave the shit stain?? it happens to me at the worst of times aswell.
  2. How tragic :roll:
  3. Half of them hang around this site...

    Don't you?
  4. let your nails grow longer
  5. Three things.

    1) A fat or hairy arse will catch a lot more.

    2) A low-fibre diet will mean that you have half a turd poking out of your bum like a Pritt stick, so essentially you could be there for the rest of your life doing blot, bang, rub with your dirty bum.

    3) The whole notion of wiping cack is cack. If it was on your arm you wouldn't try and wipe it off with dry paper. Get your arse over the edge of the sink and give it a wash.

    [Only attempt "3" in a public toilet if you're quite daring].
  6. How can you tell where the shit stain ends and you begin?

    Why has this tosser not been tagged yet?
  7. bahaa feck off ill shit on your mum's chest.
  8. Womb_Poker, FR_Trooper, why are they not tagged and/or fecked off?
  9. Get some new material bell end, trotted that one out a few times already
  10. Simply walk into a Police Station and state that you have consumed eight johnnys full of crack cocaine, the resulting attention your ringpiece gets will leave it as clean as a whistle.
  11. Don't feed him
  12. What about feeding him his teeth?
  13. Davvy is it my fault your impotent and your wifes fat and ugly???
  14. You'll have a job.... She was cremated in Jan 1993...
  15. No, it was your mums fault. Mrs was upset whn she found out i fucked your mum, put on weight due to depression eating and gave me the clap ergo impotent. Do one you piece of smegma.