Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Trooper_Sefton, Oct 25, 2009.

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  1. If you join SAS (R) do you stay in your infantry battalion and go away to train and go on ops with the SAS ,as well as tours of afghan with your battalion, OR do you leave the army and work like the TA (go away to train every second weekend and go on an op if your lucky)
  2. I'm actually speechless.

    Although after reading it twice I did manage a smile.

  3. Are you asking if you can stay in a regular infantry unit as a regular soldier and go on ops with 21 or 23? I take it the regular unit that you arer part of is not 22? They are the unit who supply permenant staff to UKSF(R).

    Are you refering to L det?
  4. Mate, it's got to be a WAH! :roll:
  5. you need to join LofF

    do you know Jim Shortt perchance?
  7. I think we can safely assume that trooper_sefton isn't going to pass selection anytime soon.
  13. Or an English GCSE.
  14. No you can't. What on earth makes you think that you could without being part of UKSF? You're options would be, 22, SFSG or SRR. Three diferent roles, all in the SF arena, if you wanted to get into that type of work. TA attachments may or may not come along much later. As a regular infantryman, this should be common knowledge to you. Hence probably a Wah.