THEM... cadets?

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by BBear, Nov 15, 2005.

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  1. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    Rememberence parade - I missed it after spending an awful lot of time in the pub with an old boy i know who did his bit. But walking through town around 1 ish and saw, to my amazement, a kid younger than myself strutting around in Sandy beret, Regiment badge, stable belt and (normal) wings. I thought this a bit funny - I had a quick natter with the guy, said he was from a unit out of area but had done "cadet selection", involving a lot of tabbing n bits n bobs during school holidays.

    I said "fair enough mate... have a good day" as i didnt want to make a fuss. I consider myself fairly knowledgable about Cadets, but i've NEVER NEVER NEVER heard of any sort of sf cadet unit? Let alone near Bedfordshire.

    Anyone have a scooby? I think the guy was a walting cnut who is a bloody fool for trying to strut around like Andy "Im hard" McRyan, but i have no proof.

    Then again, if its "them yoof", they'd be off the orbat... :twisted:
  2. Utter pig shyte!
    Not even the cadet units parented by the Para's get to wear the maroon beret only the cap badge. Was a cadet for 7 years and never herd anything like that.
    Walt to the highest degree would be my guess. Either that or the unit commander is running a mini selection for his cadets and give them ideas above their station :roll:
  3. Sf cadets?! Probably the only cadets capable of firing more than three rounds on the GP without getting a jam...

    The only possible way any cadet could have any involvement with SF troops, is if any of the TA gang invited them to join them on weekend. But no, there is no SF course for cadets! And I'm pretty damned sure there isn't a Para course for them either, so he shouldn't be wearing wings! Next time you see the little sod, give him a whack around the head
  4. Yeah there is a Cadet parachute course but if im correct it has been stopped now. I heard it was stopped due to the latest Health and Safety Craze now sweeping the ACF.It was called Joint service parachute course and consisted of 5 jumps. held at Brize twice a year and each course had about 30 students. Did it myself in 2003 and was a really good laugh. Wasnt done with loads, just in kit and there were no special jumps like water or night jumps.

    As for the little punk. just a walt. Never heard of any kind of ACF SF.

  5. i have heard of an SAS badged cadet unit iin herefordshire ,possibly kids of the SAS soldier themsleves, but i don't know if it is true.
  6. These sort of rumours were doing the rounds when I was a space cadet, and that was quite some time ago now, however never saw any of them, maybe they do exist :p
  7. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    They must be Very Special Forces (Cadet).

    The BPA would be interested in children under 16 making decents, those between 16 and 18 require parental consent.

    I can just see the kit requirements on the joining instrs for their cse at 1 PTS:

    Issue boots
    PLCE complete
    Helmet, Parachutists
    Parental consent form (signed)
  8. My daughter needs a parental consent form to do hockey (or indeed, any activity outside the confines of the TAC), so the kit list wouldn't be that unusual. Other than that boots aren't issued.
  9. I am positive that 'parachute trained' (in the loosest sense of the word) Cadets while I was in the ACF got to wear a 'P' badge - a rectangular badge worn on the brazzard - oriented long axis to the vertical.

    Anyone confirm this?
  10. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    The badge that kellybadge are selling is the correct badge for any ACF/CCF army section cadet who has attended and completed a civillian parachute course. Originally the course had to be on the approved list established by ACFA which I believe was only the course at Netheravon but they will permit any cadet who completes a BPA approved course to wear the badge.

    The only way that a cadet could wear wings would be if by some freak of nature they were a cadet and TA at the same time and had managed to get through P Coy and Brize before they were 18 years and six months of age.

    Any other badge issued by a county or school for parachuting is not approved by the dress committee and is a locally made fantasy badge (and there are plenty of them out there)

    A very small number of ACF county headquarters were allowing adult instructors who took the cadets on these courses to wear lightbulbs or wings although this is not technically permitted as they have not completed a recognised military course.
  11. It's true. They do exist. The SAS were forced to take on YTS earlier this year when it was established that they were losing manpower to lucrative civilian contracts.

    Son of Walt?
  12. Let the youngsters have their wee bit of glory.After all, how many adults out there are leadswingers and Walters.The nearest they ever got to being a soldier is watching War Movies on the telly.