Them and rendition - Daily Telling graph Tue 26 Feb 08

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Baseplate, Feb 26, 2008.

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  1. Clicky-linky thing to the story.....

    'British special forces have been used to detain terrorist suspects for extraordinary rendition by the Americans, it has been claimed.........Ben Griffin, a former SAS soldier who quit the Army in protest at the ''illegal" tactics and policies of coalition forces, said the Government knew what was happening...........'

    Interesting to note that Mr Griffin only realised he had done wrong when he read the Geneva Convention AFTER leaving the Army!!??

    Bet he won't be asked to the opening of the re-painted boathouse :D
  2. If he quit in protest over the illegal activities, how come he never found out until he read the Geneva Convention, after he had left?

  3. So Them can just quite when they don't like it? You'd think they'd just fcuk you off at the high port to the shower from which you came to wait signing off!

    And the call Them hard core, I'm outraged!
  4. It' s odd that he wasn't dishonourably discharged and instead received a 'glowing testimonial' from his CO.
  5. I don't get this. Brits were part of joint US / UK task force?!?

    And we've found another person who has not witnessed torture, but has 'no doubt in his mind' that it is happening.

    Thanks for that. I eagerly await the book.
  6. Agreed - book coming, or else he is sorting out his Guardian type credentials before going for a specific job. Interesting to see if his Hereford mates are fussed about this, given the number of former members who have gone public on various things.
  7. I think the point he was making was that HMG knew full well what was going on and was actively involved in rendition.

    It has been reported before that British spooks were "hanging out" in Bagram prison back in 2002. No doubt chatting with the "British" prisoners taking a holiday/education time out in Pak/Afg.

    I am not at all surprised what Griffin is saying, but I do agree, without proof it is a leap of faith to "torture".

    Be interesting to see how this plays out. Let's hope we get a Cabinet Minister in the dock, to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

    As for his own morality, I rather admire him. Can't have been an easy decision and he was obviously thought well of by "them".
  8. Have to agree, "book deal" flashed into my head as soon as I read that article.
  9. He could have cashed in the first time round. I actually think he is someone of principle. Anyway, General Jackson and a good many Generals before him have done exactly the same thing RE book deal.
  10. He can't be ex-Them: he does'nt have Black Nasty over his eyes! :D

    Seems a little niave; whatever happend to Big Boys Games, Big Boys Rules?
  11. Forgive me for suspecting that there's bu**er-all truth in this story. It has more holes than the British benefits system.
  12. I agree, seems very naive to me, the official secrets act is there for many reasons, including the fact that people acting on behalf of HMG may be doing things not entirely lawful but for the benefit of the nation.
  13. VVVCVI have no doubt in my mind that non-combatants I personally detained were handed over to the Americans and subsequently tortured.>>>

    It's noticeable that he didn't say he knew, or he had proof, just that there's no doubt in his mind.

    Well if I were to "say there's no doubt in my mind that the government didn't know" would a national newspaper put that on the front page.
    If he has proof let him produce it and if he hasn't let him shut up. I know I wasn't one of " them" just a lowly VM so my opinion obviously counts for nothing.
  14. Personally i am happy that our government and others are taking as many measures as possible to protect against terrorism. There maybe be people who feel torturing for information is wrong and that some people who were tortured did nothing wrong however nobody wants another 9/11 or 7/7, you only have to look at the foiled attempts since then (and no-doubt the many unreported due to opsec incidences) to know that the threat is real and when dealing with people who will happily attack innocent people no quarter must be given.
  15. "Mr. McCain then underscored his own experience as a P.O.W. and as one of the few candidates with military experience an important credential in South Carolina, home to one of the biggest populations of military retirees. He said there were sharp differences on the question of torture between those who had served in the military and those who had not. We should not torture people,' Mr. McCain said, noting that if the United States tortures prisoners, then other countries will feel free to do it to American soldiers. I think that if we agree to torture people, we would do ourselves great harm in the world. There's more to war than the battlefield,' Mr. McCain said. Every military person who has been in battle supported my position.'"

    If torture is such a good idea why don't the cowards in Govt admit to it? I have just read about the torture and slaying of British servicemen in NI 20 years ago. What is good for the goose, is that what you are saying?

    I think John Mccain knows more about torture than you or I could ever imagine. The war in Iraq has materially altered our vulnerability to terrorism (for the worse) and our ability to contain a dangerous regime in Iran. Take a look around you, UKAF are on their knees, latest remit, do not photocopy single sheets of paper.

    Edited to add, clearly you don't agree with all the measures this Govt has taken in the name of defeating global terrorism. The small matter of the invasion of Iraq, for example.