Them AGAI blues...

Discussion in 'Military Discipline' started by cdn_spr, Apr 4, 2005.

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  1. Looking for some other opinions here, possible advice from the older and bolder here.

    My squadron went on easter leave the tuesday before last. Right before knocking off, our SSM gave us the usual speech that 'if you leave your rooms in sh*t-state, I'll have ya!' and told us he'd be walking around in the evening.

    Being a homeless foreign barsteward (commonwealth) and as such, a perma-block rat, I didn't think much of it, as I'd be there when he walked around. Got back to my room, tidied up a bit (it's never in shiite state but you know how it gets when you're living there, washing bag by the door, clothes on the settee, mugs and plates rinsed out but still sitting in the sink etc etc). No-one came round that evening anyways, so I thought nothing of it. Later on that week, thurs in fact, I traveled into london in the morning. When I returned, I saw one of the other block-rats and he said the sqn orderly Cpl had been around with someone from the SQMS's checking the rooms and had picked up a bunch of blokes for having rooms in poo-state. I worried briefly that mine might have done (not permanently living in an inspection-standard state of course), and briefly thought about looking up the ord cpl and explaining that if he did pick up my room, it was only because I was living in there over leave, and didn't know he was coming round thurs, but figured he'd realise it was me (ie big canadian flag in the window, my name on the door) and figure I was living there.

    I return from leave, to be informed by the SSgt acting as SSM in his absence, that I, and the other 3 blokes in my room, were being AGAI'ed for 'your room being in shiit-state over leave'. I immediately explained the above to him, re-iterating the fact that I was living there over the entire leave period, and was simply out at the time when the ord cpl walked around. He said there was nothing I could do apart from not accepting the AGAI and asking for a review and waiting to see the SSM next week. So that is what I did.

    Now, the AGAI punishment as laid out by the SSM was only 1 show parade and a period of regt'l works (on the weekend), so I'm happy to take it on the chin, and I realise that all in all it's not a big deal. The only problem I have is that at 25 yrs old, with 4 yrs service behind me, someone can walk in my room at anytime and put me on a show parade for not living like I was in training still. Like I said before, yeah my room wasn't neat and tidy, but it's not like there were piles of beer cans, bags of rubbish festering in the corner, and old pizza boxes and dirty socks strewn about the place. There were dirty dishes in the sink in the kitchen, not washed but at least briefly rinsed, some clothes on my settee, and perhaps some papers (old bills, envelopes etc) in the bin. Oh, and ashtray full (but not overflowing).

    Anyways, this isn't a 'the army is shite, I wanna sign off' rant, I just want to get some other opinions/outside views on this matter. I'm debating whether to just reverse the 'appeal' bit I signed on the AGAI 67 form, taking the punishment, and speaking with the SSM on monday regarding the other lads AGAI 67's.

    but really, it's just a matter of principle. I've never been in sh*t for being a 'grotbag' before, never had anything picked up on the tri monthly room inspections, and really get riled up by this at times because at the end of the day, being a commonwealther, this little bedspace is in fact my home, and there should be some latitude to live how I like.

    .........or maybe I should just find a fat girl, marry her, and live on the patch.

    what do you lot think?
  2. Go for the Fat Bird. Tommy Atkins has been doing it for years....
  3. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    go fill the cpl in, hes probably 5 years younger than you and a pad
  4. For god sake, DON'T marry the fat bird. Seen a few do that before, it will always end in tears.

    I can only sympathise with your dilemma, it is your home, and I doubt whether the SSgt will be conducting a snap inspection on the patch.

    We are constantly being told by 'them upstairs' that modern youth is changing, and that they have more demanding aspirations of an Army career (aspirations I presume that don't include invasive room inspections). Shame nobody seems to have told your SSgt.

    So long as you way of living doesn't impact upon anybody else and that you handover your room in the same condition that you received it, I say crack on.

    As for being charged, ask yourself one question 'will the offence stand up in court.' I suspect not.
  6. funnily enough, when I was looking at the 'quick look at AGAI' sheet detailing all the punishments available and who can award/review them, in bold at the top, was:


    I can see how my room being slightly untidy while I was out for a few hours can directly effect operations.

    The more I think about it the more pissed off I get. My SSM is normally a really sound guy, and as this was technically handed out by him but in his absence hopefully it'll get quashed. we shall see
  7. some of my deepest singly sympathy goes out to you. trouble is this sort of thing is happening all over.
    and you prob wont get off it cos he will see you as trying to worm your way out of it!

    apparantly being resonable is new skool.

    you could take it on the chin. and be old skool

    or take it on the chin then shit in his hat. best of both worlds.

    make sure you put the end result on here fella. would be interested to know

    cheers easy
  8. I have no idea what AGAI is having got out 15 years ago I'm just amazed that you have sofas and a kitchen 8O ........feck me 8O

    Fecking glad no cnut inspected our blocks over the leave periods they were like bomb sites.. :D
  9. Fat chicks will put up with anything, go for the fat or skinny ugly girl.

    Cheers 2Cb
  10. I can understand why you are upset.
    As with anything, there should be a standard. If you are living in, I suppose you have to put up with some of this. You aren't on course though, so is a 'snap' inspection reasonable? It could be argued that they gave some notice, even if not a specific time.
    Without a stated standard for you to keep your room to, any decision of 'untidyness' is subjective.
  11. Wot e said :lol:
  12. wnkers i ******* hate the bastards, they use these inspections to look for block damages, but not so cunningly want to inspect the lads.

    refuse the agais mate take it to court marshal,(if u can)

    and then next time u see your ssm on the piss, give him a warm gratyifying smile.

    or kick his teeth in

    nuff said.
  13. Why not live out? I didn't realise until I was a civvy what good cheap accomodation is out there (yes, it costs about £300 per month, with regional variations) and by God the freedom you feel. There is nothing like being able to put the army behind you at the end of a day, no inspections, no-one coming around to spam you for after hours and weekend jobs. Try it, you don't even have to marry a fat bird either!
  14. Don't listen to them.........get a fat bird. BBC is fat and I think she's a bird (?) and she's available. You won't need to worry about dirty dishes as she licks the plate clean.

    And there'll be no crumbs on the carpet as Hoover have sponsored her bottom lip.

    FAt know it makes sense.
  15. quote human rights act, it lets gypos live where they want!