We have a real hero in the poster who has the ID "TheLighthouse":
From his bio:
15th Battalion The Parachute Regiment
(Government Agency; 10,001 or more employees; Military industry)

1982 — 1986 (4 years)

Badged at Aldershot and Wings from RAF Brize Norton.

Also"Trained with the Parachute Regiment before transferring to Military Intelligence. He is unable to speak in detail about his Military career but worked alongside the SAS.
Was heading back to my billet. It was dark. It was winter. It was around 2 in the morning. Out of the shadows stepped three paras. They had obviously been waiting for me. I stood quietly as they surrounded me. They didn't say a word. They just looked at me. I didn't say a word either. I just looked at them back, making eye contact with each of them. They didn't smile.

One of them stepped forward and tapped me on the shoulder with his finger. He looked me right in the eyes for a few seconds before he spoke. I could tell they were all severely pissed off.

'You're giving this regiment a good name,' he said.

My offence? I'd been having a pint and a laugh with soldiers from another regiment.
Careful, Lighthouse likes getting picked up by Paras at 2am


Caubeen the walting boggie brigadier, Lighthouse the walting porridge wog David Stirling..... what are the sheep shaggers going to come up with?


Check out the page number on the press clipping.

You couldnt make it up..................Oh you could, and you did?

We use the Press & Journal to line our cats tray
So you were TA from 82 - 86 and thats when you must have worked alongside the SAS ? Which Squadron... no... no... let me guess it was RWW or CRW ?
The SAS are renowned for getting members of the TA to help them on top secret missions, as they arent really clued up about their jobs, so always get someone from the TA to save the day


I the rapid post-edit has just occurred, indicating he has covertly extracted without compromise.

Or, just fucked off.
Fugly said:
I the rapid post-edit has just occurred, indicating he has covertly extracted without compromise.

Or, just fucked off.
Nah, he has gone to join 49 PARA.

The fucking toilet.
Something seems to have gone wrong with our heros post, the pic's have gone...


rebel_with_a_cause said:
I think we've upset him.
I'll pass the tissues round shall I?

Meanwhile, if any of the toilets want to come to chat, I'll be there after I've had a piss.

Sluggy xx
Au contraire. He's buggered off somewhere sunny....

Read the article carefully:

"I've got guys I can call upon, and I can always whisk myself away to exotic places. I know what I'm doing. If people threaten me, they are the ones that should be worried"

Anyone worried then? :)
Hang on theres a knock at my door............................

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