Theiving scum caught on CCTV stealing poppy collection tin

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by brettarider, Nov 5, 2009.

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  1. Fire up the outrage bus

    A couple have been caught on a CCTV camera apparently stealing a full Poppy Appeal can from a petrol station.

    CCTV pictures captured the carefully-planned theft at an Esso garage in the shadow of Ibrox Stadium in Glasgow.

    Station manager Craig Campbell, 34, described the thieves as "the lowest of the low" adding there could have been £100 in the tin.

    A spokeswoman for Strathclyde Police said:"We are aware of this taking place and our investigations are on-going."

    Mr Campbell continued: "This was no random theft ­ it was clearly planned beforehand.

    "It makes me wonder if they have not tried this at other locations. There was possibly £100 in that tin and it was meant for war heroes."

    A spokeswoman for Poppyscotland said: "We also think thefts like this are despicable.

    "All the money in that tin would have gone to help veterans and their families.

    "Now that help has been taken away from them."

  2. Link please?
  3. Find them, and then break their hands with the claw side of a claw hammer.....
  4. Just for you linky
  5. I hope the fuckers get let off with a caution! :x

    Oh wait a minute!............... They will.
  6. This is totally disgraceful
  7. When caught they should be put in stocks in the middle of Aldershot and have rocks thrown at them.
  8. I'll more than willingly castrate him with a blunt knife and sew her bits up with a rusty needle.

    Sickening to think that some people will stoop that low.

    I can understand Ibrox and surrounding areas have been deprived of many things in the recent past, but I didnt think that deprivation extended to self-respect, dignity and restraint.

    Please dont let this be a reflection on the good people of Glasgow, I imagine there will be plenty serving, ex-serving and supporters of the forces ready and willing to administer some authentic Glaswegian justice to this sub-human couple.
  10. Chubb?
  11. Nice clear pics :D :twisted: Should be caught quickly or are any of you lot out and about in Glasgow?? Have a look round;D
  12. Cock off, chubb you dribbling bucket of fuck-juice.

    Has anyone thought that the chap might be in real need of a bit of money? He could be an ex squaddie on hard times. You'd all be chucking him dosh then wouldn't you?
  13. That thought had crossed my mind, even that he might be desperate (and not ex-forces) but its still no excuse to rob from any charity. There are many places in Glasgow where folks who are down on their luck can get support, food, shelter, advice and assistance. If he has a genuine need for cash, not food then the government have a crisis loan scheme to assist there.

    Theft of any kind is wrong, for any reason. Its not OK to steal from a charity if you're hungry or if you happen to be "ex" whatever that charity supports. As I say, there is a pretty elaborate support network for people who are in genuine need of it.
  14. My thoughts thanks