Theiving OTC Scrotes

Discussion in 'OTC' started by spakhead, Sep 5, 2007.

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  1. Right, I've just discharged nyself from ULOTC and in doing so have had to hand my kit in... Or what was left of it in my locker.

    I went in and found my locker wrenched open ( I could tell because (a) the locking bar was bent, and (b) the padlock was still in place (c) my kit was spilling across the floor (d) my neatly folded and pressed combats were no longer neat) along with a lot of other peoples. Missing items were: Helmet, stinking green growbag, stinking green growbag cover, beret, badge, rank slide, manky socks left in boots (?!) and assault vest. In my absent vest were mess tins, water bottle, cup, KFS, my boot polish kit, med kit, wash kit, my multi tool, combi tool I found on STANTA and my own extra pouches.

    I'm assuming that this was stolen because somebody lost or decided to keep their own kit and decided that my locker looked like a nice place to theive from, along with several other peoples.

    I therefore have a couple of things to say about this:

    - It doesn't demonstrate a good attitude for a potential officer. I was a TA RGJ rifleman and never saw anything that bad.

    - If you are in ULOTC, go in and check your kit NOW!
  2. see nothing has changed at london then lol
  3. I was a TA rifleman in the LIR. I then transferred to the HAC. Out now.

    One of my muckers there had the then very new assault vest. One of our slightly mad DS from "them", decided to fire a pencil flare at my oppo for not being invisible enough or whatever.

    Big hole resulted in the cobweb stuff that makes up the back of these things (vests).

    Just before he left for Hong Kong, my pal's vest went missing....

    Guess who started wearing a vest with a singed hole in the fabric at the back? About six months later...

    Our new Troop Commander.

    If you are reading this, you Full Time Immigration Officer, Part Time Soldier and Full Time Cahnt, everyone knows; I told them at the Squadron Dinner I went to not so long ago
  4. Maybe they needed it for Sandhurst......

    Heaven forbid.
  5. these types are loathsome to me....if you can't trust someone, especially an officer, or someone who wants to be one, how could you trust him with your life?

    You couldn't.
  6. Had a brief from the OTW at LDRTC, and much was said about not leaving kit around for fear of it being swiped by ULOTC OCdts (or ACF Cdts who use the TAC).
    I was initially offended, but then thought about all the stuff that I've had go missing...

    I know that much, if not all of the head-shed at ULOTC read this board on a a fairly frequent basis. With the new intake inbound fairly shortly, I feel a greater emphasis on values and standards is in order, with a clear and sharp message to would-be thieving tw@ts.
  7. Just heard the same myself, from the same source, probably in the same room. Sounds odd, but I hope it's the civvy cleaners... any other possibility is utterly depressing, and infuriating.
  8. Yes, its really quite simple. If they are found doing this in almost any London TA unit, they will be filled in, and their brother officers would be hard pushed to ask them back or reccommend them to DAB or whatever its called now.

    We had some people in the LIR who tried to steal, were found out, and bashed up. One was from the OTC at QU Belfast. He never came back.
  9. Solution is:
    If you're caught stealing, you're out.
    Either by the an interview sans coffee, or other means.

    If we're looking at this from the OTC point of view, these are all supposed to be potential Army officers.
    Other Units will not be happy to receive them if they've got a great big "stealing c*nt" stamp on their P-File.
    I wouldn't even let them get anywhere near the rest of the Army, so kick them out at the OTC stage.
  10. Its really very simple...if enlisted men find thievery, in any but the poshest regiments, a bashing-up will ensue, and untill OCadets are commissioned, that's all they are...cadets.

    So, tell them, that their behaviour must be impeccable if they wish to command men.

    If it is inter-cadet thievery, then I say fill them in any way. Don't resign. INSIST that the SIB get involved. Get this ******, before he wrecks lives.
  11. What do they do in the HAC, stone thieves to death with pelted cufflinks? :D

    Otherwise, in full agreement.
  12. Nah, just quietly fill in the hole he's dug and let him suffocate amongst his bagged cr*p.
  13. gosh, I'm not sure,, I've been out for a whille.

    In the LIR/RIrish they were duffed up.

    I don't even know what a "pelted cufflink is", it sounds delicious,and marvelously decadent, but anyone throwing them should be subjected to immediate restriction of movement.

    I have tried to be libertarian about this, and failed.

    It even got so bad, that whilst out with my bird and the mother of my brood, drunk one night, I actually did pelt people with my cufflinks, but RIR ones.

    The more I think about it though, with your pelted-cufflink phrase, and very marvellous it is too, you must presumably be from a regiment which is inherantly worse than mine, which is'nt hard.

    Listen, if you were in a regiment that couldn't afford cuff-links, don't worry the rest of us moight tink dat use are ok, but a bit like eggs, only for a while.

    pip pip
  14. you almost got away with that one....

    I haven't dug any hole, other than the one which forensic archaelologists , many years hence, will say; "this is the work of an expert".

    I can be "proud"of, various holes in STANTA, Brecon, SPTA and whatever Soltau used to be called.

    amateurfuckoffback to your suburb -****-face.

    Its just a point of view.

    how did I do?
  15. On a slightly lighter note...

    While at an overseas garrison I was in the mess and found myself with a terrible craving for something greasy with a high calorie count(no not somebodies fat mother or sister before the quirks start) So I pulled on some jeans and headed over the kebab van outside the JRM at the other side of the base.

    After ordering my food, I was told I would have to wait 5-10 mins. During the wait a rather dodgy middle-aged private soldier came over with a bulge under his bomber jacket.

    Somebody he knew then proclaimed "here stevey what's that under you jacket?"

    To which he replied "no feckin idea but it bloody brilliant"( I have toned down the explicits here :D)

    He then proceeded to pull out a dark coloured bottle and passed it round his mates while explaining how he nicked it from the MO will being checked over for a foot injury or something. On closer inspection I noticed these jakey thieving scroats were infact getting tanked up on a bottle of 120 pound vintage cognac...could have been a bottle of cider for all they cared!!!

    Such a waste :(