Theiving, Filthy, Romainian, Gyppo Bastards

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Northern_Biff, Aug 17, 2011.

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  1. Gipsies move into immigration officer's home while she spent night away at the Proms! High, who works at the UK border agency, found the family of eight living illegally in her home of 30 years in Leytonstone, east London, a fortnight ago.Despite her furious protests, they insisted their bogus tenancy documents were legal, claimed neighbours had told them she was dead and that they had rented the house from her “son”.While the women were wearing her clothes, the rest of her belongings had been stuffed into garbage bags and dumped in her back garden.She was even offered a glass of her own wine after being “invited” her back into her own home.After Miss High, 55, secured an eviction order the following day, the group proceeded to trash her house, leaving most of the rooms uninhabitable."These people have just trashed 30 years of my life and thrown it into bin bags,” Miss High said last night.“It is soul destroying."Miss High had been out at a Proms performance on a Monday evening earlier this month at the Royal Albert Hall when neighbours raised the alarm.She had left for work the previous Friday morning and had then spent the weekend visiting her elderly parents in Guildford, Surrey.She returned home to find the Romanians sitting around the dining table.The front door had been levered open but she admitted she had no way of proving the Romanians were to blame."The women came to the door dressed in my clothes, they were sitting around my dining room table, drinking my wine out of my glasses,” she said.“They even offered me a drink and told me they were from Romania."They said I was dead and my son had rented the house to them. I am very much alive, single and I don't have a son."The following day Ms High secured a county court eviction order, which the police served that evening.But by that stage, the group had destroyed much of her home. The kitchen and bathroom suffered water damage due to removal of the lead roofing.A computer, containing valuable pictures of her two-month-old grand-niece, and digital cameras have been taken, the carpets have been removed and food taken from her fridge.Squatters packed her clothes into in her suitcases. Only her two beds and her wardrobes were not damaged.Last night, members of the gipsy family abused reporters after being confronted at the house they were currently staying at around the corner.They chased reporters down the street, spat at them and also hurled abuse.Later a woman, who gave who her name as Carmen, came out to the street and denied being the family behind the destruction.The 35 year-old said she lived in the house with her four children, aged, 4, 12, 14 and 16 as well as her 54 year-old aunt and her two children aged 16 and 14.The house cleaner, who came to Britain from Romania a month ago, said she rented the house from "a man who stopped me on the street and asked if I wanted to rent this house".She declined to answer detailed questions.Neighbours of Miss High became suspicious of the claims she was dead and called her parents Jean and Bernard, who are in their 80s, to confirm.Her frail mother said: "As far as I am aware she is very much alive and she certainly was when she left our house this morning."Outside Miss High's home were several garbage bags and a note pleading with people not to ransack the rubbish.Neighbours said the gipsies had come back and collected clothes Miss High had thrown away.Miss High had switched off her mobile phone last night.
  2. Why weren't they arrested for burglary, breaking and entering, malicious destruction of property........
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  3. I would have thought that the Police would not have had to be very creative, in order to charge them with a crime. Even if they were "borrowing" everything else, the wine most certainly was taken 'with intent to permanently deprive the owner".
    But who knows, when the madmen have been allowed to run the asylum for so long!
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  4. This is Bo****ks...I'd like to know how she managed that, unless of course she has
    freinds in high places, how do you get a court to issue an eviction order the next day and since when has Plod taken on proccess serving. I'm seven months down the line trying to deal with a cnut whose squatting in my late parents house(i was busy sorting out probate) and he's still there, I'm just on the point of getting the High Court 'heavies' in as he's put up two finger at everyone else.
  5. As (I assume) you own the house, why don't you just go round and smash the front door and all the windows? It's your house and your door and windows, you can do what you like with them. You can also do what you want with the fixtures and fittings of the house - it'll cost you a fair bit to fix but let's be honest, he's probably going to do it before you get him kicked out anyway.
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  6. My step sister had a problem with messy squatters living in her house. The courts were of no use whatsoever, it ran on and on and the costs were spiralling. However the large muscular Jewish chap who knew a bloke who knew a bloke who once went out with my sister and who now works in the Manchester "meat industry" dropped by one day for a little chat.

    The following day they gave my sister £4000 pounds in cash and asked for one weeks grace to clean up the house and garden before they left.
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  7. Was that a second Front in the Fabled "Hamster Wars", or was this another unrelated period of Cold War politics?
  8. No, this was post cold war and pre guinea pig conflict, late 1980s.

  9. By God, THAT's the way it ought to be.

    Barring friends like that, perhaps some former Commandos or Paras would like a few quid on the side.

    Stuff the squatters and the system that allows their smelly bodies in others' homes.
  10. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I had problems with a flat I owned sublet to anoither couple, the original one was in breach of tenancy for not keeping up with rent so I waited till they were out and changed the locks. The old bill rang me and said a complaint had been made but it was a civil matter so they werent interested. Good I replied as you werent interested when I complained either.
    No problems after that.
  11. Am I right in thinking that 'Squatter's Rights' are a peculiarity of English & Welsh Law, but not Scots?

    [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, Verdana, sans-serif]Scottish law: Squatting laws are different in Scotland, as explained in this excerpt from, 'the erosion of squatters rights':

    In England, therefore, squatting is unlawful (ie an action which is wrongful by virtue of the civil law) but not illegal (ie an action which is wrongful by virtue of the criminal law). The old farmers' favourite, 'Trespassers will be prosecuted' is thus a con. The position is different in Scotland. By the Trespass (Scotland) Act 1865, it is a criminal offence to 'lodge in any premises or encamp on any land which is private property without the consent or permission of the owner or legal occupier'. The maximum penalty is a fine and imprisonment up to 21 days.
  13. Pikeys with dags are useful as well....... So I've heard.
  14. squatters rights only really apply after 7 years or 12
    eviction notices can be fast tracked if its your only property. why the fuck they weren't nicked for criminal damage theft etc etc being foreign gyppo scum.
    having had Brighton police on speed dial when working at a hostel they don't turn up quickly for violent shouty drunks mention crossbow though and they turn up en masse and armed.:)
    there's some strange foreign people in my house and they theatened me with a gun
  15. Oh dear, what a shame… ;P