Theives targeting War memorials


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Situation normal then. All our local war memorials (the ones that are outside that is) are made of marble, ashlar or granite, so at least they'll be left alone, except for any vandalism of course.
Wall mounted memorials keep turning up on Ebay from time to time though, they're usually company memorials from when a building is demolished and occasionally they're from a defunct church building which is a damn shame. It seems someone takes a shine to it and eventually decides to take a punt on flogging it off. At least they're not being melted down, as they accrue more than scrap value from being in an auction.
Sorry, I did look to see if this was here already but clearly didn't look hard enough. I don't frequent the forums enough to keep a track of every topic. I thought it was one of those things that was better of posted than not.

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its the thieving gits in the scrap yards as well, they pay cash and no questions asked
, about time that they are properly regulated and only pay by cheque or bacs after 14 days !!

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