Their own private fiefdom

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by jack-daniels, Jun 10, 2007.

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  1. In the Mail on Sunday today Lynne Jones Labour MP for Selly Oak said that '' the soldiers seem to want a little empire consisting of their own designated staff and facilities, a fiefdom''

    Well Lynne, yes they fcuking well do. They have done their duty and paid the price and the least that you and fcukwit MP mates can do is to provide for them. Get a grip on reality woman.

    I have put this in the Naafi bar so we can abuse her!
  2. Take it further, lets get her deselected by the local Labour party, sacked at the next election, she can take her chances on the dole queue.
  3. Linky for the idle?
  4. Apart from my own strong sentiments on this matter I think the female MP for Selly Oak is naive to the point of stupidity for her comment. If genuinely unaware of the security implications, the scale of the problem, and above all, the numbers of servicemen requiring treatment at Selly Oak, then she should be briefed at length. If she still fails to comprehend the issue, I recommend a savage dry-bumming, just for a laugh.
  5. If you read the article, you'll understand why she's so catty. She has got to defend Muslims - after all, she probably relies on them for re-election. It must have slipped her little mind that her government put the troops into Iraq and AFG...
  6. It makes me seethe that any member of the armed forces, once back from serving their country and fighting these backwards zealots, then has to justify their actions and suffer harrassment from said zealots once they're back here.
    In my opinion it's a very simple ideological divide, and if you'd rather put your faith above your country, and practice said faith at your country's expense, then there's no reason why you should be allowed to stay here.

    Don't agree with the western way of life, don't fcuking live mere :x .
    IMO attacking/assaulting a soldier/any member of the armed forces should carry the same penalty as committing a crime against a police officer.

    Sorry the post's a bit disjointed, I'm still seething :x .
  7. Could we use some reverse psychology here and:
    1. Kick 10 bells of the proverbial out of them (The abuser's)
    2. Ship them to Iraq/Afghanistan
    3. Let them receive treatment in a local hospital
    4. Give the Yanks a bell and tell them there are some insurgants in the Hospital
    5. They get picked up and get a One way ticket to Guantanamo

    Problem solved

    Do you think i could get voted in in Selly Oak?
  8. Or we could just ship said hecklers to "their side" of the border in a really bastardised part of Afghanistan, and laugh as their welfare cheques disappear and they get beaten/married into suppression by the insurgents :D .

    The guantanamo idea is also good.
  9. Cupid Stunt. I've never seen this woman, but I'm willing to bet she's got a face you'd never get tired of slapping. :x

    Just another example of the contempt politicians feel for those who defend this country.

    If AQ was somehow able to wipe out the House of Commons without any collateral damage, only dead politicians...would any of us shed a tear?

    Personnaly, I can't remember a time I felt so much hatred and disgust for our so-called "leaders". :evil: :evil:
  10. Which is what we're asking for.
  11. She won't be relying upon anyone for the next election, since she's decided to stand down. Selly Oak's consituency boundaries have been re-drawn, with a couple of decidedly Tory-looking electoral wards replacing one that was stuffed full of students (who tended to vote Labour or Lib Dem).

    I suspect she is aware of the security implications, deerhunter, but doesn't really care.
  12. Well at least she's gone now.

    First thing I've smiled about all day :).
  13. Shes standing down from Parliament which means these are pretty much her own views and not that of the people who put her there.
    So theres a chance for me to be elected. :idea:
  14. how are we supposed to increase our profile with the public in to persuading them that we need a larger army, bring back the military hospitals when you have a woefully misguide loon of a labour MP cutting the legs off the military.

    We are getting sick and tired of having idiots like these women heckling the welfare officer and the MP failing to voice her disgust at actions of the asian women. If this country is sooo bad get out then go to iraq or afganistan and see how you cope with the asustere conditions and lack of civil liberties so gratefully enhoyed here by so many.