Theif caught showing her arrse

woman suspected of shoplifting who tried to evade security guards was eventually caught with her pants down.

The woman bizarrely dropped her trousers when staff caught up with her as she tried to scale a fence.

She had left the Somerfield store in Exeter with three legs of lamb.

She was arrested and later bailed by police.

From the Metro with piccy

Shame it wasnt a rump of beef she was half inchin.

I didn't actually realise how old this story was sorry guys old news but still quite funny.

What a strange world?
Im just wondering where she was going to try and insert the legs of lamb to hide them from the security :oops:

The bloke in the shirt is having a good look though.
Silly cow, three legs of lamb!.
If she'd have grabbed a fourth it could have run alongside her.


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