Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by The_Snail, Apr 16, 2012.

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  1. body.jpg

    i have been issued a Body. It's on my 1157, so it must be true.

    Who stole it, and what will be the repercussions?

    Oh, and my size 9m running shoes also appear to have disappeared.
  2. You have a body. A body belonging to an 8 yr old girl.
  3. I find your Opera travel bag intriguing. Isn't that a bit cultured Sluggy?
  4. Did they issue you with a Chest, womans, c/w breasts? Cos you've lost that ****** too by the looks of things
  5. Water Bottle

    :) Probably the same shape as your body :-*
  6. You are thinking of straw, drinking.
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  7. Body, Water Canteen, Polythene, 2 Pint Capacity.
    Basic Price £1.205

    It's official then, not only are you a cheap date, you can't hold much drink.

  8. Thought it was board, ironing c/w pois, petit, two.
  9. Looks a bit better. I left the two in though as I didn't want a total Ffrench flavour.
  10. Stop picking on me, or I'll stamp my size 9m desert boots all over you, and smash you with my entrenching tool.
  11. you'll not be able to lift them up, combined they weigh more than you.
  12. What flavour Panda Pop have you got?
  13. Does that say 'Oral' or '****' above 'Body'?

  14. NOW we're talking! I think I'm in lust.
  15. Loss of body? A Corpse Martial.
    BoomTish! I Thangyew.
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