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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Bonzo_Dog, Nov 30, 2009.

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  1. From Captain Ranty

    A sad day :(
  2. My friends ..... well people I know ..... well see occasionally, wonder why I have stock piled all that food / ammo / weapons and bought my Guy Fawkes mask, and striking black clothing with a rather dashing cloak.

    The conservatives started removing our liberties, signing up for things in Euro Land we didn't need or want, removed our right to have things like hand guns (we may want to defend ourselves against an oppressive government), the Labour government with the excuse provided by our rag headed friends have taken things much further removing hard won rights and privileges we have had for centuries.

    Now if you do not do as your told / stand up for yourself (Police wrongfully arrest you) you could find yourself in a mental hospital, awaiting the whim of a Doctor before you have a chance to be released. So mush better than a trial involving a jury? , and they can keep there for your own protection, sectioned, for years drugged and not a bother to anyone.

    Face it everyone YOU ARE A PROLE !!! do as big brother says.


    Edited to add this link The right to silence

    Frightening reading.

  3. So what you going to do about it?
  4. It's a shame the majority of Britons are more interested in the X-Factor than this...
  5. Amen.
  6. It reads like the melodramatic copy of a Daily Wail columnist.
  7. Talk to people who will listen, let them know what they have lost / are losing, more I cannot do due to ill health etc. I don't have the luxury of leaving the country to pastures new like some of my friends and people on ARRSE have done.

    I am sure those of us that served or are serving did not believe they would be helping in to power / serving what is basically a dictatorship?

  8. Could you enlighten me as to which parts of the article are untrue?
  9. Perhaps..

    It is a little sad though to think we have been Royally shafted without so much as a whimper of defiance.
  10. Well done Bonzo for posting this - I just came accross it myself and was about to do same.

    It's quite extraordinary that we're sleepwalking our way into this without so much as a whimper. The subdued response to your post is good enough evidence that people either don't know, don't understand or don't care; and this is a pretty right wing site on the whole.

    We'll rise against this.......... at some point, although goodness knows when that might be, (perhaps many years hence), and no matter how they attempt to dilute our national spirit through demographic change, we'll wake up and make a stand against it. The British are historically very tolerant ........ until they are pushed to the edge. The Kaiser and Herr Hitler learned to their cost.. as will a bunch of euro bureucrats and idiot self serving politicians....... eventually.

    It's days like this that test the spirit..... do you think fvck it - I'll just push off to Vancouver or join the Kiwi's or do I keep pressing on? The worst thing is of course....... as Track_Link said, most of the population are more interested in the X Factor contestants than they are their historic birthrights. Then again, as they are mostly the ones who will probably need the legal protection the old system offered it will mostly be their own fault they weren't listening.
  11. All of the foregoing forms part of the reasons why I choose to live overseas. I have also been a consultant to the European Commision and whilst it isnt all bad, I have seen the corruption from within. I have a number of friends and colleagues who live in Europe (I mean the continent, of course). Many of them are bemused as to the British lack of enthusiasm for participating in Europe. I see very strong parallels between those people and the rabbits in Watership Down who live close to the farmers "protection". We are doomed. Well, you lot are, I am off out of it.
  12. I left Britain 30 years ago when Maggie was setting up her slave state back in 1980,state-made unemployment,poverty wages and the realisation that I´d been ´mugged´to protect Europe from a non-existant enemy in BAOR.
    The loss of Juries and having to prove you´re not guilty are just another step down the spiral staircase to a land fit for nothing.You don´t even have to work anymore to get on,I wonder what happens when the money runs out,maybe that´s why the so-called Government are stealing everything they get their hands on including your rights and liberty.
    I really don´t understand your fears over Europe or the EU,yes they´re an overpaid bunch of prats at the best of times but they can be changed at their own Country´s Governments whim,Germany´s just done this as the CDU are now in power so kicked out the old SPD EU minister,easy.They might just be able to stop some of the Tyranny going on in Britain at the moment,where will you then go to get Justice,yep Brussels!
    Old ladies and Grandma´s don´t get jailed over here for clipping a kid´s ear,as long as they´ve got a fixed abode,and If a student called a Copper´s horse ´Gay´he´d just get a laugh back and not a criminal record;Don´t call the Copper an Arrsehole though,that costs a lot of Euros but you still wouldn´t be jailed.
    I like it here and I´m not planning to return to the UK permanently unless It´s in an Urn!
  13. Terrifying. And ashamed as I am to admit it, knew very little about it. Will be doing rather a lot of very careful reading from henceforth. Thank you for posting it.
  14. Maybe the part that states It´s Illegal to Slag Off the EU?Can´t believe that one really or maybe It´s only in the UK?Certainly not an EU law!
  15. Oh really?