theft from a war memorial

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by pupgreen, Jun 2, 2009.

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  1. hi,,running the fallingbostel military museum here in germany we also look after and maintain the prisoner of war memorial gates site.. dedicated to the 97,000 pows who were here in fallingbostel..3,000 russian pows still remain here buried in a local site..
    each year we try to add to the site to make it nicer ect,, this year after the pow weekend visit we managed to finally get the sso and old comrades organisations to cough up the money to put a nice wooden fence up around the stop the wildpigs eatting the flowers and ploughing the grass up.
    the local german tecnical school did the work free of charge as a project..
    the site looked super...for approx two days..on the night of fri sat 28th.. unknown as yet low life scum stole the right hand side of the fence 17 meters approx and the 8- 4x4 value approx 1,ooo..euros.
    to say im angry is an understatement,,,im fuming and when i catch who did it ,,,hed better watch out...
    no site is safe any more this is an international monument to pows from all lands,,, :x
  2. Who in the neighbourhood is sporting a nice new garden fence?
  3. cucking funts :x
    theres just no need
  4. Why are you surprised? Scratch the veneer of local resepectability and you will find a deep undercurrent of post war nationalist Socialist sympathies in that area. 'Concentration Camp? What concentration camp?!!!'
  5. I thought you were talking about an MP getting a wreath without claiming it on expenses
  6. The concetration camp was at Bergan Belsen (down the road from Bergan Hohne)... and I don't recall any "forgetfullness" on behalf of the peasants.