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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Selastra, Sep 28, 2007.

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  1. Does anyone know who designed this or where it came from? I know they were created recently but what organisation's logo have they pinched?
  2. what emblem?
  3. that dragon thing in a circle with the red and blue (Guards Div?) backround.
  4. What emblem?
  5. On the same subject I recently saw a picture of a soldier with a Guards TRF but under it there was a much larger badge which was two bayonets crosses with an Islamic style crescent above the bayonets. Anyone know what that one is. (I'm looking for one now)
  6. this feckin' emblem.....

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  7. No I don't but why are 1 Sigs Bde using the 1 (BR) Corps spear?
  8. well, it's not as if 1(BR) corps needs it back....
  9. true, True....

    8) 8)
  10. The Divisional Sign

    Shortly after confirmation of the creation of Theatre Troops, work began on the design of a crest. As a newly created formation, there was no set precedent for the crest. The final design, approved by both the Army chain of command and the College of Arms, incorporates two main features.
    The winged heraldic Lion is based on the badge of General Headquarters Home Forces during the Second World War. In stylised form it is, of course, the badge of HQ LAND Command today. The original design showed the Lion on a background of a dark blue cross on a dark red field. This had been part of the 21st Army Group, and subsequently British Army of the Rhine, badge. The College of Arms amended the proposal to a Quartered background, although the colours were retained.


    Theatre Troops provides the essential ‘capabilities’ – such as Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance (ISTAR), deep strike, specialist engineers, communications, medical support, air defence and logistic re-supply – without which no UK military operation can be successfully mounted.

    Headquarters Theatre Troops was formed on 31st August 2001 as part of the LANDmark study, which sought to reorganise HQ LAND Command better to meet its role as the Field Army’s policy making Headquarters.

    Under the command of Major General Hamish Rollo CBE, Theatre Troops consists of twelve subordinate formations, amounting in total to some 35,000 troops.

    Headquarters Theatre Troops is based in Airfield Camp, Netheravon, although its subordinate formations are dispersed throughout the United Kingdom and Germany.

    Since its creation, Theatre Troops has consistently committed force elements to operations and exercises worldwide. Operational commitments have ranged from disaster relief operations (tsunami, Pakistan earthquake) to major warfighting operations (TELIC, HERRICK). There are currently over 2,000 personnel from Theatre Troops deployed on operations
  11. The 1 Signals Brigade Flash
    The Brigade Flash is a white spearhead on a navy-blue diamond and was adapted from the badge of the 1st Corps Signals from World War 2, which was a white spearhead on a red diamond . The flash is worn on the left sleeve of the uniform by all members of the Brigade

    The flash was officially authorised on 21st April 1996.
  12. Yeah, but who was the bloke or blokess that actually designed it or copied it from some other bugger
  13. and it has been noted that it's good to see the sappers upholding the finest PC traditions of the service with our choice of emblem, particulary bearing in mind the two major theatres currently engaged in...
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    Easy access to the air taxi then :roll: