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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Social_Handgrenade, Jan 10, 2007.

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  1. Apparently 2RRF have just been informed that they are going back to Afghanistan, with the first Coy leaving at the end of this month. Last year, the Bn went to Iraq twice and in addition, A Coy went to Afg with 3 Para.

    I realise that they are currently the Theatre Reserve Bn, but is this normal? Seems to me that 4 operational tours in 12 months is asking quite a lot.
  2. I don't believe that they are doing the full tour, just helping out with the RiP. This is normal taskings for theatre reserve; their predecessors the RHF were forever going back and forth to Iraq, for example
  3. Unfortunately for them it is not merely the RiP. They are being beasted, and their look forward? Hounslow.....Nice.
  4. 2RRF are being used far more than any other previous TRB. In the past the RHF had been deployed 2-3 times with only a Coy at a time for no more than 4-6 weeks. They where specifically there to help with the RiP.

    2RRF however have now done the following:

    1) A and B Coy to Iraq (RiP Telic 7 - 8) 7 weeks.
    2) A Coy to Herrick (Now Zad) 4 months.
    3) C and FSpt Coy to Iraq (Telic 8-9) 3.5 months
    4) B Coy to Herrick (Karbul) 3 - 4 months
    5) C Coy to Herrick 2-3 months

    In total there are some Fusiliers who, having moved Coy are comoming close to having spent over seven months on Ops in the last year with a further deployment likely on the horizon.

    The level of activity that 2RRF are experiencing on TRB is unpresedented as are the jobs that they are baing asked to do. TRB usually stag on at SLB or SAAH to help with the RiPs. But the 2RRF lads have ended up takingover full AO's (AL FAW, Umm Qasr and the PJCCC in Basrah) as well as full fighting with A Coy defending Now Zad from 157+ attacks in 107 days.
  5. I've also heard a rumour that the Royal Welsh will no longer be going to Afghanistan to relieve the 2RRF lads. Plus they are not able to take over the TRB on time.
    I wonder if the Fusiliers are going to be left out in theatre to cover the gap that has been created.
    Well done chaps, keep it up and show them what you can do! don't let them break you.
  6. Hear, Hear A cracking Bn, loved serving with them and would be happy to do so again. :thumleft:
  7. I can confirm that the Royal Welch will not be going to Afghanistan, as the WFR are going instead

    FEASG - You would serve with anyone to get another tour in!
  8. It has all changed again!!!
    1 Royal Welch is going to Afghanistan 2 Coys for 6 mths, 2 RRF are staying on TRB till middle of May (waiting for C Coy to return from Afghanistan).
  9. 2RRF have come off TRB (AT last) the Welsh have taken over. But duty rumour say 2 RRF will be Saffron Sands again.
  10. Rumour no longer. 2RRF will be doing Saffron Sands... again. Good luck to the welsh for the next 12 months. Hope they have a good and safe a time as we had.