Theatre Nurses - Shortage or not?

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by BuggerAll, Jun 25, 2006.

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  1. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    According to MCM Div there is a shortage of Theatre Nurses. According to 'a senior officer' there is no shortage of Theatre Nurses. Who is right?
  2. there was a shortage but since theyve had their establishment cut by a third, there is no longer a shortage! Theres probably still more than theres a need for as well.

    Nurses should go where they are needed: wards, A&E, ITU and PHC.
  3. Filbert, why does it still appear so hard for people to break into those areas?
  4. There never seemed to be a shortage of Theatre Nurses for nice UK based postings, but a severe shortage of ones fit for deployment. I assume nothing has changed as that would explain why I am still getting letters asking me to volunteer for tours even though I left two years ago! Mouse, not sure what you mean by difficult to get into? Always was easy enough to get into A&E, ITU or Theatres. I had to do 6 months ward based when I enlisted then went straight to Theatres, would have thought they would make it easy if they are short?
  5. from the limited contact i've had with military nurses, there seems to be a lot crying about how they want to get into these areas but cant, and on our postings brief it was made to sound as though all we had to do was ask after our 1st 6 months as you said.

    so, are the people complaining not going about it the right way, or are we just being told its that easy to keep us 'motivated' through training?
  6. Face it Filbert, Theatre nurses are a necessity, they are so much more versatile than ODA's. able to multi task, if anything I feel a valid replacement for ODA's. :twisted:
  7. Theatre Nurses, their days are numbered!
  8. Much prettier than ODPs........let's be honest here, it ain't that hard now is it :twisted:
  9. ooooh so cutting!
  10. I LOVE YOU :wink:
  11. The Operating Department Practitioner (ODP) passing through UCE at the moment are well trained and multi-disciplined. The ODP can carry out the roles of anaesthetics, scrub and recovery whilst the theatre nurse can scrub, drink brews and bitch all day about some other scrub nurse they know or why an ODP is doing a job they feel they should be doing. Sorry to push your noses out but its our theatres and you know where the door is...Bye xxx :D
  12. I am obviously a bit behind the times now Mouse, but there never was a problem as far as I knew. The only problem was dragging nurses in off the wards. Limited exposure during training now means that most nurses never consider theatres as an option. I guess A&E and ITU have similar problems recruiting otherwise the army wouldn't be offering golden hellos to entice in civi trained nurses. A lot of nurses were put off these career options as the tour rate was also perceived as being higher than most specialities (which it was/is). I love theatres and have no regrets about choosing it, worked with some fantastic, highly skilled professionals from a completely multidisciplinary background (and ODPs :wink: ). Also, on tours most people don't understand your role so you get left well alone to get on with it.

    Best advice I can give you is go and see the NOIC Theatres/A&E/ITU wherever you are and make sure they know you are interested. That's what I did and I nearly got my arm ripped off as I was dragged over to the dark side.
  14. Scarlet, you are out of touch somewhat, read my first post in this thread, the scrub nurse establishment has been cut by a third already and there are more cuts to come.

    ODPs arent trained by scrub nurses, theyre trained at uni and on clinical placements at hospitals, while on placement they are under an ODP mentor (how many scrub nurses have the mentorship qualification? they still seem to be bogged down by the NVQ D32, 33,34 etc.. which is obviousley outdated now in this environment), theres a panic going on in the QA scrub nurse world as they do know that their days in their scrub only role are numbered, do they really want to go back to ward shifts? 6 month GD nurse deployments? No of course they dont, but will they go and do a 12 - 18 month course to bring them up to date? no probably not and of course would DANS pay for this course? as hes just cut the cadre by a third, probably not.

    your statement of 'get a qualified nurse to check you haven't stolen any CDs during the shift' is about right at the moment, its the only job that they have left in theatres, so cling onto it (we could always nip into recovery and ask one of the nurses in their to come and check of course!). There are also civilian nurses who are perioperative practitioners! (we are in the age of the MDHU)
    And with HPC registration, the time may come when the nurse isnt needed to check the CDs either!
  15. at least you admit to the short comings of the theatre nurse!