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Hi, Sorry if this has been asked before.

Is there anywhere on JPA where you can find your actual theatre dates? During the early 90's my unit spent a lot of time as the Province Reserve Battalion in Wheeton Barracks, and subsiquently did many, many short tours accross the water, sometimes only for a week or so at a time, and others for 6 weeks or more. During the 3 years on this role I must have clocked up a fair few days in theatre. Adding all this to my other tours of various far flung sandy countries, I think I must be close to, if not already qualified for the ACSM.

The problem is I am currently detached from my parent unit and have little HR support, I can access JPA occaisonally though! I seem to recall, a long time ago, that I stumbled accross this information on JPA, but am buggered if I can find it now??

Can this info be found on said application (or is this a figment of my imagination?), or if not, where would I find it out?


Call up the Medals Office - they are the sole arbiter for assessing your claim periods in an appropriate theatre. By all accounts they are a helpful bunch, if a little busy.........
In your P file, at the front should be your (can't remember the exact form) 9, this is your old pampas printout pre JPA. Thats where I got my NI dates for my ACSM.
heidtheba - correct, it will only say something daft like " Armed forces location".
Mentalist you need the UNICOM Full record print from the p File (AF B9999) and that should haver theatre details in (providing they were transferred from PAMPAS correctly) OR
Getyour SSA/SA type to submit a query to the medal ofice, they can tell your qual days for ACSM, although v busy and may take a little time
You are right in that prior to 1 Apr 07, data won't be held on JPA but speak to your SSA and they will be able to approach the right people to get data in the same way as for medals eligibility. The information is held but on different systems to JPA and can be accessed if needed. If they don't know, tell them to apply for theatre info using DSPSI 04/12 using the Application for a Conduct Sheet format. That will work.

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