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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by bubsnicket, Oct 6, 2010.

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  1. Im sure someone will point out that this is already available somewhere, but I have tried looking on ArmyNET and on ARRSE for anything relevant but no luck so far...

    My unit has these lovely forms we are calling "theater passports" for want of a better term. They are basically a register of all the training a solider has done in the run up to deployment, and hold details such as whether a will is held, NOK details, dates of all MATTS and component parts thereof, any other weapon training, shoots, media forms, welfare forms etc etc.

    All this data (or at least a very significant portion of it) is held on JPA and yet there seems to be no alternative to simply typing each one out by hand, which, given the amount of raw data on each one, is a huge task.

    1. Why does this form exist when JPA checks already exist for most of this data? Isnt that the whole point of JPA - to save the acres of forestry that seems to be needed to produce all of this?

    2. If this form is really necessary, why isnt JPA capable of auto populating forms like this where possible - IT HR systems are supposed to be labour saving not work generating.

    3. Why are all the forms in text format, making it virtually impossible to copy/paste any information into them - surely people have heard of spreadsheets?

    Kind Regards


    PS. Just to clarify, I am unsure as to whether this is a unit 'initiative' or more widespread.
  2. This is a 'unit intiative' that is quite widespread. The majority of this information is held on JPA but to obtain it requires the unit to run several of the standard reports and then collate the information together. The poor quality of MI from JPA is one of it's biggest criticisms at the highest level and is a priority for improvement.

    There is a way for your unit to get all this information from JPA in one custom-made report run by DSPS(A) SMIC staff. They should submit a request through the MISR (Management Information Support Request) process. Details are available on DII here:

    Unfortunately DSPS(A) are not very good at publicising this to units.
  3. Thanks a lot JD, much appreciated.
  4. Don't these initiatives normally originiate from the RSM/SSM or some other witless buffoon who doesn't know how to use a computer? Bring back the good old days of the ration returns which tied up SNCOs for days whilst they tried to fat finger the information into the return.

    I know of one unit that still doesn't complete its appraisals on JPA, relying on its officers to submit the paper copies to the SSA so that he can enter all of them by proxy. This may be the CO's policy, but surely not the best way to employ one of his busier sergeants and not exactly embracing the self service concept?
  5. there are other reasons for having to do this, unfortunatly the delights of the JPA system, as you will realise if you are front line, is not quiet as far reaching as we would like, in the ideal world of peace time barracks JPA terminals are readily avalible to all, however mobile terminals are not always obtanible and are badly configured for use in theatre, and require to be updated on a daily if not weekly programme, thus not effective for teeth arms in a fob or on patrol, if the unfortunate individual has to be casivac'd for what ever reason it is better if he / she has a hard copy on there possesion for medical reasons and other reasons, thats one reason, however i do agree with you on the training records there is no requirement for this it should be held by the 2ic and him alone, he should earn his pay and know the state of his lad's training.

    and yes as ever the JPA system could be better and more user friendly as we all know.
  6. As far as the first point: maybe the Bde HQ is the source of the issue. Some Bde HQs want specific information, in a specific format (usually Word, when XL is more efficient), so unless the COS or DCOS are held to account by a grown-up it doesn't really matter that JPA can provide it.

    Secondly, although I disapprove of the non-JPA input of the SJARs, I have seen it done very efficiently on operations, because JPA self-service isn't possible. Some units may feel it is more efficient than the JPA self-service, particularly when people are away from DII for a long time...
  7. Agree with your first point in some respects - we are still hiding from using JPA to gather information and are reliant upon the old style reports and returns. This problem will persist until a) there is more corporate knowledge on what information can be retrieved from JPA b) an understanding on how this can be achieved c) a generational change of personnel and d) JPA has another 100 updates so that it delivers what we actually need. It boils down to information management. Ours is currently so appalling, we can't even dominate our own information let alone the enemy's!

    As for the appraisals, I was referring to a unit in the UK that never deploys on operations. I understand that DII can't be roled out to every location and that the reports are still fat fingered at unit level by proxy in the rear even if they are initially done on paper at the front end.