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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by brettarider, Jan 2, 2007.

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  1. Just watching this on BBC2 at the David Brent is real!!!!!!!! neverseen such cringe worthy nobbers on TV :roll:
  2. It's car crash funny but you do realise it is actually a spoof don't you?

    Narrated by Bill Nighy who also appeared in that other spoof fly on the wall series, 'People like us'.

    The beeb have gone to great lengths to give the impression of a real documentary...even setting up pukka company websites for them. :wink:
  3. think I caught an epsiode of the series, when it was on, that Armstrong guy really is a jumped-up, prize cock (glorified double glazing salesman) ....... and his wife isnt much better.

    tossers, the pair of them :thumbdown:
  4. hadnt actually heard that til now.. tbh

    but can see it is certainly a possibilty... as surely no one could surive in business being a grade-A knobber such as Mr. Armstrong.

    only episode I saw before was when they had some 'motivatonal guru' - from Saaf Afrika - came in to give the workforce a 'gee up'... and that seemed a little far-fetched at the time.

    any link to the 'spoofness' of it all per chance?

    EDIT:- found the wikipedia entry where they are in some debate about the spoof, or 'real' docu-drama thingy.

    and turns out the 'motivator' bloke was actually from Zimbabwe, my mistake :oops:
  5. Like I said, the beeb have gone to great lengths to make it appear very real and get 'people like us' to think 'is it real?' Suppose it adds to the viewing figures if they try and go all out for realism. Think of it as one step beyond 'The Office'. Remember, quite a few people thought that was real when the first couple of episodes came out.
  6. Did you notice her right eyebrow......a bit lopsided. :? or is it the beer?
  7. Ah! The BBC treating its viewers as though they are mongs again .... and once again getting away with it