The_Guru. Is he a Mong Magnet?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by hallveg, Aug 29, 2006.

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  1. The_Guru. Is he a Mong Magnet? We were in Yummy Mummy Central (AKA Starbucks) today and the resident window licker came with a sandwich for Infiltrator calling out Guru's name (he paid), she having given him his butty took the name sticker off the plate and placed it on the one below, she wandered off calling out Guru's name instead of the name of the person who's sandwich it was, I pointed this out to her (politely) and she presumed I was taking the mick and gobbed off! Guru then tried to explain were she had gone wrong, Mong chops then gobbed off at him. This was a mistake! He ridiculed said Mong until it scuttled off, laugh I nearly shat! His closing comment was "Are you the manageress? No, then do one before I speak to her" she replied "I'm confused" he closed with "no shite"

    Now the problem is, every time we go out together we are involved in a Mong related drama! Yet when it’s just me and Infiltrator, nothing, not a thing?
  2. what is wrong with being a mong. some chick dig the freak show that mongs put on
  3. Nothing at all, i myself enjoy ice-cream and laboons.
  4. He must be a mong magnet if he knocks about with you. That last sentence says it all really.
  5. Never thought aout it that way Sluggy !